According to Intelligence Sources, America is Destined to Become a 3rd World Country- Part 2

3rd World Country

We call him "Wrecker". He is a deep-cover-insider with a background that allows him to accurately connect the dots like very few other sources of information are able to do. However, Wrecker is in complete agreement with many intelligence sources on the point that America is in steep decline. Our education system is abysmal and as if the academic deficiencies were not bad enough, the cultural destruction being perpetrated by our post-secondary institutions makes Mao's cultural revolution look tame by comparison.  The stability of American institutions, including the family, are in free fall.  

The interview conducted by the CSS with Wrecker is very telling. Here are excerpts from this "can't miss" interview. 


"We are descending into a society dominated by tribes and war lords"


"America is entering 3rd world status"


"Americans live in excess, but we don't have what we need to survive in excess"


"The elite are leaving America for a reason"


"To survive, you must become your own first responder"


"The lights will soon be going out"


"Russian and Chinese internet isolation is a sure sign of coming war"


"China wants our food"


"When the embedded terror cells attack America, they will be "going firm" (occupation of territory and assets)


"What I observed on the border......"


This interview provides a glimpse into the new and emerging America.