Are There Are Any REAL Men That Will Stand With Trump


I have interviewed Robert Griswold more that I have interviewed anyone else. However, as I have watched his previous Gensix presentation, I was captivated by a plethora of subjects that we have yet to cover. His themes persist and they are more true today than they were last year. My predictions and Bob Griswold's analysis are coming to a nexus point. 


Bob Griswold owns a prepping establishment, Ready Made Resources, and he practices what he preaches. At the beginning of his Gensix presentation, Robert used a phrase that I have never heard him say before, “Tribulational preparation”. Interestingly, I was speaking to a fellow Christian, yesterday, about the dilemma that America finds itself in and we both agreed that we are entering into the chapter of the final days. Moral, physical, resources, but most of all, spiritual preparation will be needed to have a chance to survive what is coming. These factors formed the foundation of Robert's presentation. Where this goes is frightening.

Casting Your Lot

As we Christians proceed into the final days, Robert and I feel that we must be in God’s will. He spoke eloquently about Genesis 15 and the story of Abraham and he possessed the wisdom to list to God’s direction for him.In the subsequent interviews I have conducted with Griswold, emphasize these points.

Abraham was tasked with rescuing Lot from the Sodom and Gomorrah area, which was, indeed, very dangerous. Portland has nothing on Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. However, God gave Abraham the strength to do what was right in the face of extreme danger, a danger that would and could cause men’s hearts to fail them.  

 As he did throughout his presentation, the present age demands all Christians to act with moral courage. Unfortunately, and as I have covered extensively, many so-called Christians fail to have the courage to speak the truth that is contained in the Gospel, especially men.

 America has become a nation of sissified men (eg so boys). Biceps are scorned, masculinity is described as toxic and men who exhibit strong leadership skills are chastised as being barbaric. No wonder America’s birth rate has plummeted as procreation involves a degree of masculinity. In fact, God wants strong men. Families and nations need strong men. Liberal anti-Christian forces in this country fear strong men.

Where Have All the Good Men Gone?

Back in May of 2020, I covered several small businesses in the small town of Wickenburg, AZ., who had defied the illegal edict of a conflicted Governor and opened their doors for business. Of the businesses that I covered as a journalist, all but one of the businesses were run by women.The women were stronger than the men.

Along these lines, modern-day hero, closed-down salon owner, Shelley Luther, a woman, is another profile in courage. I hard pressed to find men with similar courage in the face of unconstitutional authority. Robert and myself are left wondering, where are the men, the real men?

Cowardly pastors, mostly male, who seem to only be concerned with preserving their 501c3 tax exempt status of their church, refuse to defy illegitimate authority and reopen their churches. Jesus was crucified for bringing humanity the word of eternal salvation. The Disciples were brutally crucified for preaching the Gospel. And most of our pastors are too cowardly as they are to afraid to defy illegitimate authority, which houses a distinctive anti-Christian attitude. Such pastors do not deserve their church and they do not deserve to receive tithing


The preparation mantra includes the following:

  • Moral and physical courage
  • Physical training
  • Equipped for purpose
  • A right relationship with the Lord
  • Achieving God’s manifest blessing

  People are afraid to stand up for the truth because they do not know how to conquer their fear.  

Abraham had to confront evil and he showed us how to conquer fear. 

 The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion!” (Proverbs 28:1)

   “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

This is a prophecy for end-time believers


I have only captured a small portion of the representation of Robert’s message and the modern day morphing of this message. We both feel tat there are very few men left fight against Satan. If one is looking to fully prepare for the evil that has come upon the Earth, one better prepare!

As the Insurrection Act is declared, the loyal troops will need civilian men to back the troops with arms and I don't see this happening. Rest easy soy boys, this will be your last hurrah! 

I am supporting my President, my fellow men, will you?