The BUD LIGHT Collapse: How ESG cost both DISNEY and ANHEUSER-BUSCH their customers


 Midnight's Edge -

In the four years, Kathleen Kennedy drove away half the Star Wars audience. Marvel Studios drove away half their audience from the MCU in three years. Anheuser-Busch however, did the same for Bud Light overnight! All it took was the idealism of VP Alissa Heinerscheid and the services of influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

There is however a common theme through all of these, and Bud Light presents an excellent case study in what that is, namely ESG - Environmental, Social, & Governance.

In this video, we will begin by briefly breaking down the boycott against Bud Light, why ESG is the root cause for both Disney and Anheuser-Busch driving away their audience, and why THIS could be an infliction point!