The Chicom and Democratic Party Coronavirus Bioweapon Attack Upon America Will Ultimately Fail

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Alexandra Daley and myself have previously tracked the illegal and treasonous weapons transfer of F-35 technology to the CHICOMS dating back to 2015. Hunter Biden used the services of Air Force One when he oversaw the technology transfer to the Chinese as it was delivered to Wuhan. We also know that on the same flights there were several shipments, from Rosemont Seneca a subsidiary of Burisma, of unmarked contents that were on the manifest.

The use of Air Force One implicates Obama as a co-conspirator in this treason and ultimately the release of the present Coronavirus(es) bioweapon upon the world and now America. This act is treason and is punishable by execution.

Not a Coincidence

On the very day of the impeachment inquiry, Senators Grassley and Johnson, each utilizing their own committees, launched an investigation into the travels of Hunter Biden to Ukraine AND China using Air Force One and/or Air Force Two by issuing a subpoena to the Secret Service for this information. In other words, Johnson and Grassley know what I know and the choice of the impeachment acquittal data was not coincidental. And it is safe to say that these Senators, as well as the Trump administration knows what Alexandra Daley and myself have learned over the past 7 months of investigation.

It is also prudent to mention at this point, that based on the advice of a federal government official, I used nothing but mainstream media references (eg Newsweek, USA Today) to track the illegal arms sales of weapons to Iran on behalf of the Clinton Foundation. As the previous CSS publication demonstrated, Hillary went through her old friend, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, her Awan brother employees, and shipped the weapons to Pakistan and then directly into Iran. 

The Mysterious Suicides of Air Force One Personnel in the Obama Administration

The President of the New California movement, Paul Preston, recently tipped me off with regard to an evolving story in which former Air Force One personnel are conveniently committing suicide. This puts Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints all over this. Acquiring the information Paul Preston, and ultimately his sources, the suicides commenced in 2017.  This is indeed an evolving story and detailed information will be forthcoming. However, these developments clearly speaks to a purposeful intent to obfuscate the truth with regard to what was really shipped to Ukraine via Hunter Biden’s oversight in 2015 with the help of Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, Hunter’s father.

A Nefarious Conspiracy Is Unfolded

Based on what has been discovered and what is being unveiled, it is safe to say that I what I dub as the Hodges Hypothesis is being validated by emerging events. Alexandra Daley and myself have concluded that a bioweapon was shipped by upper level Democratic operatives on at least one occasion to Wuhan, China, which is the site of their only weapons lab. The Chinese who are desirous of a domestic population reduction, were all to happy to release the bioweapon on its own people in order to significantly reduce the number of mouths to feed. For a regime that has already murdered 76 million of its own people, this is not far-fetched. However, the main Chinese objective is the removal of Donald Trump from office. Trump has restored American dominance over China by reversing the previous trade imbalance. And Trump has accomplished this in only 3 short years. The Chinese are hoping that the bioweapon will completely collapse the economy and Trump will be defeated in the upcoming election.

Adding fuel to the fire, I wrote a 5 part investigative piece on a speech that Wei Fenghe, China’s Defense Minister, in which he advocated for the use of a race-specific bioweapons to wipe out most of the United States. The Chinese purpose was to be able to send 300 million colonists to occupy America in order to plunders her resources as Wei Fenghe stated was the Chinese main foreign policy was the carrying out of genocide against the American people using bioweapons. As I have discovered, Wei Fenghe was not alone. Each of the two previous Chinese Defense Minister’s have openly advocated for the same goals.

Adding fuel to this fire, comes other similar statements coming out of the CHICOM government. In fact, each of the two Defense Ministers, dating back to 2003, have expressed the same genocidal goal towards the United States.

Democratic Party Motivation to Betray Their Own Country

Based on the data that Daley and myself have uncovered, it is our position that top level Democrats have conspired with the Communist Chinese to unleash a rapidly mutating bioweapon against the world. This pleases the upper echelon of the New World Order crowd because as the nations’ economies in free-fall (eg all of the G-20). Let’s not forget that Diane Feinstein’s 20 year driver was an exposed CHICOM spy. CHICOm operatives such as the late Rose Pak, dominated and controlled Bay area Democratic politicians since the early 2000’s before her death in 2015. The top Democrats that came under her control were the Pelosi family (Paul Pelosi JR) is up to his rear end with Hunter Biden’s foreign exploits. Also, Kamala Harris, both as Alameda County DA and the California State Attorney General, did the CHICOMs business by covering up human trafficking, drug running and the allowance for the CHICOM controlled cartels to gain a major foothold in California. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.


Ultimately, the Coronavirus plot will fail. The Democrats are dead in the water. They cannot win an election. Further, they have a lot of misdeeds, occurring during the Obama administration to coverup for (eg Ukraine arms deals and money laundering). Their apparent strategy, is and has been, if the authorities get to close, launch a distracting and debilitating bioweapon. In present-day China, they have a willing partner. The Democratic Party leadership has the same goals as do the CHICOMS, namely, collapse the economy and remove Donald Trump as well as to eliminate all populous forces within the United States. The Chinese get their resources and the Democratic Party leadership gets their control. The globalist get a collapse world economy from which to launch the last Hegelian Dialectic under the banner of “out of chaos comes order”. So, we have the CHICOMS, the Democratic Party leadership and the globalists on the same page with the destruction of the United States using a bioweapon. However, I do not believe that this plot is going to succeed. I think this country will become the next Vietnam. And that will be the target of the next article in this series.