There are several flash-point warnings taking place across the planet that Americans need to sit up and take notice of. America's entire governmental structure is and will soon be under attack in ways that are irreversible. The very worst of Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and the likes of Castro are being installed in the so-called democracies around the world under the guise of COVID-19.Everything from freedom of speech, to warrantless and permanent detention, to forfeiture of property, to the right to travel, to earn a living to put food on one's own table, to decide what goes into one's own body, the elimnation of the right to worship Christ without severe restrictions which fundamentally eliminates freedom of religion, etc. It is this last item, the freedom of religion, which will be the target of this investigation. We will begin with what is happening in New Zealand and then illustrate how this tyrannical leadership has come to America and is beginning to infest our 1st Amendment rights. 

Before getting into the governmental theft of the freedom of religion. It is highly instructive for all readers to listen to the first 90 seconds of the following message as it globally covers what is happening to the governments of the so-called free world in unision and by the same people. Everytime this politician from New Zealand mentions his country, substittue the words USA and your home state. 

Your blood pressure should have just risen 20 points and your anxiety levels should be off the charts as you pray to the Lord for relief and guidance. 

Communictions From New Zealand Pastors Regarding the Outright Banning Of Christian Worship In New Zealand

The following was initiated by a pastor in New Zealand with whom I have had several previous communications:


Hi Dave, this is our battle here in New Zealand. When you have time, read the letter below. Blessings, Abri.

Here is a letter that Pastor Peter Mortlock and Pastor Tak Bhana put together and sent to the Prime Minister. Please circulate this letter to others in order to make people aware of what government is doing to Christians. They had over 75 church leaders (of movements / denominations / all major leaders) right across the spectrum of Christendom in NZ sign and support the letter all within 12 hours.
Many more Pastors wanted to support it. Under level 2 the only doors closed is the church.

It is troubling times when the doors of the church stay shut but the bars and brothels can open, when resturants and malls take priority over the church - not a good sign for the future of our nation. We are believing for a shift, and I know many of you are too. Here is the letter:

Dear Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern,
Cabinet and Members of Parliament.

We write on behalf of the many churches/denominations represented from around New Zealand.
The leaders listed below in turn represent hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders.

Please note the wide spectrum of Churches, Denominations and Church Movements. We are aware that many other churches and denominations have already written to you with the same request. Firstly we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the massive effort you have all made to keep New Zealand safe…

 …In this time of uncertainty and disruption, people do need a sense of support and normality. The church has been the cornerstone of communities ever since our nation was founded.
The church is a community of faith, hope and love, providing both practical care and friendship to families, and to those who are alone, to a very significant portion of our population. With the breakdown of the family unit, along with neglect and abuse, there are many in our society who are struggling with deep hurts, mental health issues which produce both emotional and financial needs.

As you are aware, all these concerns increase during a crisis like we are currently experiencing. Churches are also first responders, providing love and support in a vast range of areas, both practical, emotional and spiritual. Helping those at times of bereavement, depression, marriage struggles, suicidal tendencies and so forth. There are isolated and vulnerable people for who their church is the only place they can find connection. In our current crisis the holistic support of the church is needed more than ever.
We would even suggest it an essential service, as the spiritual health of a nation is just as important as it's physical health.

Most businesses, schools, restaurants, movie theatres, cafés and retail outlets have now been given the freedom to operate with the necessary restrictions and safety measures in place.
Whilst we understand the reasoning of having public groups of no more than 10 (50 now at funerals) we believe and would argue that our church people are generally highly responsible and hopefully better behaved on the whole compared to some behaviour at late night bars etc. It is far easier for us to track and trace, because we already know our church families.

We are not asking to be open seven days a week until all hours. Church gatherings mainly take place on one day of the week. We would like you to consider that churches be able to resume services with the same restrictions and safety measures in place that other sectors of society are operating under. As bars are allowed to reopen, surely the church, as a place of nurturing, stability and support in the community should be able to open as well.

If you have faith in business owners, we request you also have faith in us. While we acknowledge that churches are a place of fellowship which can lead to close contact and increase the risk of the spread of COVID-19, no church would want to see any members of their congregation infected or worse, spread COVID. Therefore we would have all the requirements in place to ensure the health and safety of those attending. We are extremely disappointed as we feel our vital role in the community has been overlooked.
We also request consideration that we are not just given a set number in attendance (i.e. restricted to 100,) but be given the permission to allow church gatherings of 50% of the church seating capacity. This will allow for good adequate social distancing. We believe that this would be safer than aircraft seating, bars, restaurants etc. We look forward to your favourable and quick response.

Yours sincerely,
Pastors Peter and Bev Mortlock
Senior Pastors
City Impact Church

I am not going to be politically correct here, only politically accurate: Satan has taken over the government of New Zealand just as he is/has the government of New Zealand. I cannot overstate what an ominous sign this is for, not just our country, but the world as a whole. And please believe me, history teaches that this is just the beginning of the persecution. Again, to be politically and historically accurate, Christian genocide like we see in Communist China and in parts of the Middle East is coming to the G-20 democracies including, and especially, the United States. 

What Kind of "Entities" Are Running New Zealand?

The same "entities" that are running New Zealand are firmly in place in the United States. This is a detailed, cleverly operated PSYOP, perhaps the most clever in the history of the planet. 

In response to the communications that I have received New Zealand, and when I further compare them to what is emerging in the United States, it is easy to to determine that we are embarking on Satan's slippery slope and the worst, one unimagninable, is now a very real threat as I expressed in the following report: (By the way, this report was demontized by the guardians of the gate).

Here is an insightful response from New Zealand that was sent to the CSS a few days ago:


I watched your report concerning my little nation of New Zealand with great interest this morning and afterwards phoned Arbrey the pastor you spoke of for a continued interesting conversation. It is refreshing to have men of his insight and interests here and I rather think that the dearth of Godly men like him has been one of the major factors leading to such a question as yours “what entities ?”.

It is a sad situation we have here in many more ways than the banning of church services whilst visits to a strip club and/or sex worker is more than acceptable under the current regime. As if that weren’t sufficient !

Would you believe that our Labour Minster of Health is an ordained Presbyterian minister ! True but sad. Very sad.

Our self-appointed show pony of a Prime Minister has fronted daily Covid updates for the past two months and any hint of disagreement with how the situation has been managed is met with much vitriole as she has been set up as some modern day Saint.

“comrade’ is the more apt description as she has acted as a leader within the young Communist party in NZ and her mentor is a former PM by the name of Helen Clark who is a true globalist and who, in my opinion, undermined a number of our long-held traditional values when in power. Now she acts vicariously through her student Ms Ardern.

Our police force now have unlimited powers of entry into our homes with no real pretext needed….Originally the government wanted this new law to be for at least two years but reined it in for a three month period with renewal after that if deemed necessary.

No one other than the Labour-led government has been allowed to have any input over this period of time and anyone who has dared raise his head has had it summarily lopped off. Metaphorically only thus far…..

I could go on and on about how readily we have been prepared to roll over and beg to be kicked again by this government -who, by the way, were not elected but were put into power by the mechanisms of a spiteful NZ First Winston Peters . Aka “Winston Peters First” party as he held the balance at the time of our elections.

It is not only those of four legs and a woolly coat who qualify as “sheep” here… pains me to have to say this.

Jacinda Ardern has never won a parliamentary seat of her own accord and was put in as leader in haste and now she is touted as the epitome of how a leader should be. She is no leader and has relied on the Christchurch massacre and now Covid for the much-needed positive exposure as everything her government has undertaken has failed dismally.

Our media is very left-wing , both written and televised  and things are not boding well for our future as an independent nation.

“entities” is a very apt word for our nation in its current state.


I enjoy listening to your addresses and thank you for your hard work and input.

With best wishes from NZ,



What Kind of "Entities" Are Running Chicago? 

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot had entire neighborhood's cars towed to stop a church from having services.

The following has been TOTALLY censored from the MSM, this is the only place you are likely to see it.

The Mayor's goal: To tow every car of everyone who attended church services.

The outcome: No church service attendees got towed, everyone else in the entire neighborhood did; and it was a disaster involving countless cars that were legally parked when the signs went up.