Climate Change Dictates Are Self Destructive - But Also Part Of A Bigger Agenda


Zero Hedge

For many years we have been anticipating the implementation of far reaching and transformative restrictions on industry and agriculture in the name of "climate change" initiatives, and now it would seem the time has come for the fight to commence.  The first major battleground is clearly Europe, as individual nations follow the emissions dictates if the centralized EU government, crushing their own economies while in the midst of a self induced energy crisis.  It seems like madness, but there's a bigger agenda at play here.     

Today, a farmer's rebellion is rising across Europe as the actual producers of the food that keeps the public alive are being demonized for refusing to work under conditions that would essentially bankrupt them.  European emissions rules are not just about carbon, though that is a big focus.  Rather, the rules include other natural gases including methane and nitrogen which are a byproduct of large farming operations.  The nitrogen restrictions alone are set to destroy most farming operations in the Netherlands, which is one of the largest agricultural nations in the EU.  Germany is set to follow the Netherlands with its own emissions rules in the near term. 

First, it's important to ask "why now?"  There are a host of reasons.  First and foremost, the EU climate agenda closely aligns with the UN climate protocols for the year 2030 and requires a 55% reduction of emissions in less than a decade (and net zero by 2050).  If you think these decisions are being made by individual governments then you are mistaken; the 2030 plan was formulated by globalist institutions like the UN and the Club of Rome - Member states are simply following orders.  The time-frame for drastic environmental rules was likely set back in 1992 during the "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro (also known as Agenda 21).