Early last week, the CDC Director said that she had a feeling of impending doo! Why? What did she mean? Here is that particular story.


It appears that the United States may have news, yet, of an unannounced pandemic ready to released. Please consider the following information.

Back in early March, the CDC began requiring travelers to the United States from specific locations in Africa to provide contact information with regard to Ebola. This action is prudent and reasonable and the public should be grateful.

Yesterday, also on Fox News, it was announced that the CDC was already working on an Ebola vaccine. Based on earlier information, this CDC news release is both false and deceptive. The CDC. For a long time, has sat on a developed vaccine for Ebola. In fact the CDC even owns the patent. Combined with the fact that many insider sources say that Ebola will be the kill shot that will follow Covid-19.

Why is the CDC putting out blatantly false information? Every American should be very concerned and remain hypervigilant!

In 2014, the CDC joined the fear-mongering business. Now it is clear that the CDC is singing a different tune. Seven Years before the publishing of this present article,

The CDC has drawn up and released a six-page action plan on how to tackle Ebola, warning US hospitals: "now is the time to prepare". This stern warning comes a week after the organization warned that  the disease is 'out of control', as it has now been revealed that a CDC worker has contracted the illness. At the urging of the CDC and the U.S. government, world leaders have pledged to invest millions in health care in Liberia, where the disease is expected to rage for another 18 months at least. How far can Ebola spread in 18 months? Read on!   The CDC issued six-page Ebola “checklist”, which is designed to help healthcare workers quickly diagnose patients who may be infected, also is designed to show health care workers how to take action to protect themselves from exposure by dawning certain protective gear and doing so in a certain manner...    

The CDC knows what is coming and in Part II, I will show you how they plan to profit from our demise. We know that the globalists plan years, decades in advance. Covid was designed to make us give up our liberties, our jobs, our small businesses, our first amendment, our health by wearing unhealthy masks for prolonged periods of time. Now the globalists have us where they want us. THE KILL SHOT IS NEXT!!!

Some people have legitimately asked the question as to why we needed a soon-to-be mandatory vaccine for a pathogen that only kills .2% of population that contracts it?  Why? The answer to that question was answered in a previous document. Before the kill shot is administered, our rights and our ability to defend ourselves from what will soon be obvious to all that have eyes to see, was necessary because, we are being prepped for extermination and the globalists are profiting from it.

In upcoming articles, I will provide the evidence for the fact that the CDC owns the patent for Ebola and all variants aw well as subsequent treatment modalities. If you would like to do a little homework prior to Part Two, look up the CDC on Dunn and Bradstreet. Just like the Federal Reserve, this organization is a privately traded corporation that has been handed governmental powers. In other words, they are a for-profit organization. The vaccine for Covid is for-profit and has ulterior motives which some people think will interact with Ebola. But make no mistake about it, Ebola is the kill shot for humanity.

Again, and as I have stated many times in the past a Steve Quayle quote that is obvious: “What is coming is no longer coming, it is already here.”

Much more to come in Part II, including the fact that Ebola is airborne!