What happened to anyone caught supporting the "Convoy" of truckers that ended up in Ottawa, was financial evisceration from the banks. I have come to believe that this was a financial beta test that Trudeau performed on behalf of the evil-doers that controls the World Economic Forum (eg Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros and all the world's corporate and governmental leaders). In the face of abject financial tyranny, the Canadian people did not fight back. Therefore, the beta test was a success. The United States is next. I have watched an interview on a Stansberry Research video broadcast and I recently interviewed Robert Griswold and they were both saying the same thing. The United States is attempting to have the Fed Coin operational within 6 months. That is a tall order, but whenever, this gets implemented, your cash conversion will be based upon how compliant you are to the existing "woke" social order. If you are a Christian, I hope you can find a remote location to live in and can raise your own food. To everyone else, your dollar-to-fed coin conversion rate will be based upon your level of compliance to the perversions being ushered in by our demonic leaders. Yes, ladies and gentlemen (a woke crime to say "ladies and gentlemen), the hour persecution is upon us. This article will illustrate how the early edition of the beast system is upon us and how things got so bad, so quickly. 

The Canadian Beta Test

The following was sent to me by some Canadians, Soon, all free speech will be ended! As the reader will see in the later part of this article, extreme internet censorship has already come to America. 

I would suggest paying close attention because the same is coming here to America.

Canadians are on the verge of seeing their internet regulated by the
government if they don't contact their MPs. Please call your MP today
and urge him/her to say NO to BILL C-11 . Doing so will help safeguard
our Canadian freedom to express our thoughts, ideas and beliefs online.
It may already have come up for debate in the House of Commons (Tuesday
March 29th). The text of the bill asserts that"diverse backgrounds ,
socio-economic statuses, abilities and disabilities, sexual orientation,
gender identities and expressions, and ages ", must be prioritized in
internet programming. That guarantees we will see more sexual
perversion, more gender ideology and more identity politics pushed on us
and on our children online. If Bill C-11 seizes control it will turn the
Canadian internet into a government- run , government-managed service
under the rule of the CRTC. We will entirely lose our freedom of speech
online; we will only have the freedom to say what the CRTC allows us to
say, where and when THEY tell us. Please phone immediately and voice
your concerns."

Barring a massive and very unlikely civil disobedience miracle in Canada, the fate of Canadian civil liberties is near an end. 

The Beginnings of the United States Application of WEF Subjugation Policies for Nation States

Here is the likely application to this action in Canada as it would amnifest in America. Please pay attention to the following 

  1. Sen. Graham, Lindsey [R-SC], Sen. Kennedy, John [R-LA], Sen. Booker, Cory A. [D-NJ], Sen. Whitehouse, Sheldon [D-RI], Sen. Lummis, Cynthia M. [R-WY], Sen. Feinstein, Dianne [D-CA], Sen. Collins, Susan M. [R-ME], and Sen. Paul, Rand [R-KY] are all backing a bill that empowers mainstream media at the expense of smaller outlets and independent content creators. And you conservatives thought you could trust Rand Paul. Let this be a less on to all of you Americans, you can trust nobody but the Lord Jesus Christ!
  2. The senators are co-sponsoring the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act which has been accused of actually hindering competition and the alt media will soon be in last place and very few will see your work!
  3. Here is a copy of the bill that you can link to here.
  4. Instead of promoting competition in the world of media, the bill would allow mainstream media companies, like CNN, The New York Times, WAPO, CNBC, CNN, and MSNBC to form an alliance and collectively bargain with Big Tech platforms for favorable placement.
  5. The MSM entitites would be permitted to form new deals with online platforms that would force tech platforms to uprank (ie increase visibility) their own content at the expense of independent content creators and independent voices. That would be alt media figures such as (Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, Dave Hodges, Ted Broer, etc.)
  6. In the bill we find a provision called "legacy media" which will empower Big Tech to exclude alt media entities that are not “similarly situated,” meaning independent journalists and small media companies will not get the benefits of the bargains with Big Tech. In short, the public will not be able to find these sites in their search engine activities. 
  7. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) warned the bill would result in much more censorship by Big Tech than presently exists. Florida’s Sen. Marco Rubio aired similar concerns, saying the bill would strengthen the censorsship “collusion between Big Media and Big Tech.”
  8. Dr. Daniel Francis, Harvard professor and a former official at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) andBlackburn asked Dr. Francis this year: “Do you think companies like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube would stand to benefit from an antitrust exemption, and what bad behaviors could they get away with if they did get that exemption?” To that question, Dr. Francis responded that “In the event that this were created, two things would happen: First, the most immediate beneficiaries would be the participating media companies, obviously including some very large conglomerates."

The Cancellation Process of the Non-Woke-Non Compliant Has Already Begun

Look at Patreon, they have bootstrapped decency into acceptance of any perversion, even implyng that pedophilia is acceptable and they have devastating consequences for not acquiescing to the will of the perverts and evil peopl running this country. Here is a list of their "woke" policies which details how one will be cancelled. After the distribution of the Fed Coin, substitutes the name of any financial entity in place of Patreon and you are going to see how one gets financially cancelled on a permanent basis. 

1. Hate speech

Our Community Guidelines make it clear that we do not allow hate speech on Patreon or in projects funded through the platform. Any speech that attacks people based on their protected characteristics is violating and contradictory to the inclusive and supportive environment we seek to foster. Here are some updates we made with creator support:

  • We updated our list of protected characteristics to better reflect and protect the broad community of people that use Patreon (updates in bold):

    • “. . .race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, serious medical conditions, caste, or immigration status.”   Editors Note: Does the reader see that if you protest the sexualizing of your young children or speak against Biden's open door immigration policy, you will be cancelled

  • Creators asked that we clarify that protected political speech and violative hate speech are not the same (“I think it is absolutely essential that. . .you clearly clarify that honest and respectful dialog about controversial topics and positing ideas and theories that go contrary to ‘accepted’ norms is to be protected as the essential building block of creative growth and exploration.” — Livestream feedback survey). Indeed, there can be a fine line there, and we want to be transparent about how we address the gray areas. To that end, we added to the Community Guidelines some of the questions we ask when evaluating content for possible hate speech violations, such as:

    • “Is there a call for violence against someone based on a characteristic like those listed above?

    • Does the creator use dehumanizing language when talking about people based on one of the above characteristics?

    • Is the creator using racial slurs or negative depictions of someone based on a characteristic like those listed above? Editor's note: If parents object to blatant sexuality in cartoons or the classroom, punitive practices will be applied

    • Does the creator mock or deny the experience of victims of hate crimes such as the Holocaust?

    • Is the creator targeting people based on their immigration status in a discriminatory way or simply discussing immigration policy?

    • Is the statement legitimate criticism of a State, institution, or belief or does the context make it clear that the user is using code words or proxies to attack people based on the above characteristics?” Editor's Note: Who gets to decide what is "legitimate" criticsm of a state, institution, etc? This is the elimination of all free speech directed at government or corporations!

2. Dangerous organizations

Creators requested specifics around which organizations would qualify as dangerous. (“Is there some sort of authorized list of organizations that are dangerous?” — Creator from the livestream feedback survey). To that end, in a new section of the Community Guidelines called “Violent, Criminal, and Hateful Organizations,” we specified examples of the sorts of dangerous groups we’re referring to, including but not limited to:

  • “. . .hate organizations such as fascist, white supremacist and white nationalist groups, anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic organizations, and anti-LGBTQ+ groups.”  Editor's note: One is not permitted to be a loyal American and support its heritage and Constitution. To do so would constitute hate speech. So if you were to criticize any government official for being soft on pedo behavior and crimes, one is guilty of hate speech. Similarily, Biden's border policies, or Hunter Biden's laptop is forbidden speech. Since LGBTQ+ groups are advocating for the sexualization and grooming of children ages 4-8, any opposition to this practice either in entertainment or in education, would be forbidden!

Last month we also proposed adding a caveat, in the spirit of redemption, that former members of dangerous organizations who have since disavowed that membership may fund Patreon projects. Because creators enthusiastically supported this carveout, we added language in the “Violent, Criminal, and Hateful Organizations” section of our Guidelines that says:

  • “We understand people’s thoughts and affiliations can change over time. We’ll always listen when an individual leaves a dangerous or hateful organization and wants to fund a guidelines-abiding creative project through Patreon. We’ll consider renouncements of past actions and affiliations on a case-by-case basis. Under consideration will be the time past since an individual’s renouncement, whether they’ve renounced both the group and its ideology and, lastly, what they plan to fund on Patreon.” Editor's Note: This means, no protesting in any form!


Can the anti-Christ and the end days be far away?