Deprogramming, Defunding, Deplatforming and Soon-to-be the Delousing of FEMA Camp Detainees Represents the New Normal

fema camp

It is easy to recall the works of the communist prophet, Obama, when he called for a civilian military force that “was just as strong, just well-funded” as our regular military….”

What could America have been thinking when we did not challenge this “we need to create a secret police Stasi” to do our dirty work.” In the Presidential campaign of 2008, Barak Obama was clearly telling us what was coming. Obama’s entire presidency was about establishing policies that would enable Hillary Clinton to eliminate all opposition to a complete takeover of the modern-day communists. However, something unpredictable happened on the way to the polls in 2016, a candidate that was not on script swept America off her feet.

We thought that Trump need to arrest a few Deep State leaders and America would fully return to being a Republic for democracy again. However, Trump, and now most aware Americans realize, that our government, at all levels, is the Deep State. These communists are using pyramidal schemes of control based on bribery and blackmail to do their bidding. The organization pattern looks like a multi-level marketing firm. However, these communists are not selling AMWAY, they are imposing soon-to-be genocidal communism. However, there is no Hillary Clinton to take over as was the plan in 2016, we are witnessing a communist mandate by committee. We have the face of this Bolshevik takeover, Joe Biden, who is controlled by puppeteers who are largely faceless and nameless. The next and much more brutal puppet, Kamala Harris waiting in the wings and many are certain that she will be the one who will be judge, jury and executioner.

The puppet nature of this government is so obvious. For Biden to have created 40 Executive Orders (EO) in only his first 7 days, he would have to have worked 20 hour days. Biden is not capable of working a two hour days. His ringmasters are working overtime and are quickly erasing the culture, the economy and civil liberties of the present-day America though the EO’s that Biden rubber stamps. Sadly, most people do not see the coup that has been unleashed against America. However, all of this treason and sedition is so easily identifiable for those that have eyes to see. This is background for what is already underway.

The End Game

The end game goal is to establish a KGB, a Stasi, a Gestapo, a secret police force that will crush all resistance. The establishment puppets have all admitted to this as they repeatedly threatened the American people. Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, AOC and Nancy Pelosi have all collectively said the following:

  1. Trump’s populism will never rise again.
  2. All conservative views will be eliminated. I would suggest that Big Tech is carrying the edict to eliminate free speech.
  3. Trump supporters are going on a list.
  4. If you have opposed us in the past, we are coming after you.

In other words, the Left is using the January 6th event as an excuse to use a secret police force that is just well funded and just as strong as our military to create an “enemy of the Deep State” list and then subsequently remove the people on the list without any due process under the NDAA enemy combatant provisions.

The Left’s statements, and more, have been leveled at Trump supporters. The Trump supporters are the new Jews and this is Nazi Germany and the list is already 80 million people long.

There are a number of developments that should concern America”

  1. Indeed is advertising for detention guards but they are not hiring through the government. This would qualify as Obama’s secret army he called for and it is presumed that they will be the secret police as well as the new FEMA camp guards.
  2. Six weeks agoI reported that a man with MAGA gear and an explosive devise was arrested in Portland. He was a known domestic terrorist, yet the Department of Justice ordered the man released and the case was dropped.
  3. Last week local police in Seattle arrested a man in MAGA gear who was disturbing the peace and trying to agitate protestors. He was arrested and was determined to be a known domestic terrorist. Rather than facilitate the arrest because the man had pipe bombs in his possession, the ATF, under the auspices of the FBI, ordered him released and his name was removed from the terror watch list.
  4. A Federal LEO informed me yesterday, that a pretend Trump supporter, was arrested and he was definitely prepared to carry out domestic terror as a fake Trump supporter. The FBI stepped in and ordered the terrorist released. This terrorist  was also removed from the terrorist watch list.
  5. Two days ago, I received a call from someone who said that they worked in a “high-level” position in the SEC. They self-identified as a Democrat, but that “I did not sign up for the harassment that is coming the way of the “Game Stop Robin Hood group that caused all the leverage of the elite to be brought to bear that shut down the platforms of this group. The full force of the federal government is going to be used to harass, intimidate and make an example of the leadership. Further, this group has announced that the silver market is in their sights and this is going to hasten the harassment. This just to show one that the Stock Market is a rigged game and when the wrong people make big money at the expense of the rich, even when the activity is legal, bad things happen to those that buck the system. This self-described SEC person said these peoples lives are going to be turned upside down. Does this happen in a Republic form of Democracy? Or is this more typical of an unfolding communist dictatorship?

There are other cases, such as these cases, that I have left on the proverbial cutting room floor. However, we have enough to form some coherent conclusions:

  1. A case for persecuting 80 million Americans is being made. DHS is receiving instructions from the Biden administration that the modern-day version MIAC report is going into effect. IF one is a conservative, Christian, Constitutionalist, someone who believes that Biden won through voter fraud, Trump supporters in general, a nationalist, believes in the Second Amendment then there is cause for concern and these people should be considered to be a domestic terrorist. Basically, it is now illegal to be an American
  2. FEMA camps are being activated.
  3. A secret police force is being enlarged from the group that was originally started by Obama and I believe that Obama may indeed play the role of the commandant of the underground Gestapo who will be pulling people out of their homes at 3AM.
  4. Many has documented the gathering of “smart” guillotines and we are about ready to find out why.
  5. We are already seeing an expansion of the no-fly list, the can’t publish list on social media, the “we will ruin” your business list for supporting Trump, etc. We are now about ready to experience the “no live” list. It is apparent that this will take many forms including those who refuse the untested vaccines. Those who will not take a future loyalty oath to the Biden administration will be a development as it always is in an emerging police state which is exactly what Tulsi Gabbard called Pelosi’s “enemies within” list comment. AOC's calling Ted Cruz an attempted murderer for challenging the election results qualifies as police state tactics. And if Congress is going to be threatened in this manner, then what won't the Left do to you?

My recommendation is that you get all of your preps in order as food and other critical resources will be used to break the will of the masses. Stay close to God and stay out of sight until there emerges an oppositional force to what is unfolding in America.