Dr. John Coleman: The transhumanist agenda is Satanic


by Rhoda Wilson republished from Expose-News.com)


There are some whistle-blowers, who have answered this question. Dr. John Coleman wrote books and gave excellent interviews about the Club of Rome, the ultra-secret governing body of the satanic Illuminati elite – who own this world. If you want to know why all of politics is a puppet show, he explains it brilliantly.



Dr. John Coleman: The Committee of 300, 1994 lecture (104 mins)

If you are unable to access Rumble, you can watch Dr. Coleman’s lecture on YouTube HERE, Bitchute HERE and Odysee HERE.


Dr. John Coleman, The Club of Rome, The Satanic Transhumanist Agenda and How the Elites Protect Themselves from Plagues They Start 


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