End the LOCKDOWNS; launch the TAKEDOWNS






We are in the fight for our lives. “We” as in the human race.

There is no real plan to reopen the economy because the people in charge don’t plan for most human beings to survive much longer. The coronavirus “vaccine” will be a kill switch, a genocide weapon against humanity that’s designed to depopulate the planet. That’s why they don’t need years of testing. It’s not designed to prevent or cure anything; it’s designed to kill.

The food shortages are being engineered to cause widespread starvation, making people too weak to protest. Food scarcity is the weapon of the globalists, and they know that when people are starving, they will surrender their freedom in exchange for a meal.

The unemployment bailout money fiasco is nothing but the government paying people to not protest while the masses are lined up and readied for the kill shot. As people remain prisoners in their own homes, they will be slowed transitioned into starvation and financial desperation, then told they cannot participate in the economy unless they consent to the coronavirus vaccine. This is how the depopulation globalists will get the masses to “consent” to being injected with what is essentially a euthanasia shot. It won’t kill you right away, but it will almost guarantee your death upon exposure to a subsequent infection that’s probably being engineered and readied for release by Dr. Fauci and the NIH right now.

It’s time to end the lockdowns.

They are being artificially extended by Democrat governors like Newsom in order to cause maximum economic pain and suffering across America for political purposes.

The lockdowns can be ended in a rational way that protects public health while getting America’s economy back to operating status. This depends largely on promoting nutrition so that the immune systems of the people are supported and enhanced through minerals, vitamins, herbs and nutrients that protect people from respiratory infections. (Most people are nutritionally deficient and are thus compromised when it comes to immune function.)

Yet no one in any position of power will dare promote simple, safe, affordable nutrients that might help prevent infections and slow the spread. Why? Because they are all controlled by Big Pharma, which profits from human suffering and disease.

It’s also time to launch the (peaceful) takedowns

For humanity to survive, we must peacefully but with determination:

TAKE DOWN the Big Tech tyrants that censor our speech and control our words and thoughts.

TAKE DOWN the pharma cartels that control the media, the medical schools and most of Congress.

TAKE DOWN the Federal Reserve fiat currency fake money system that loots wealth from the working class.

TAKE DOWN the deep state traitors who ran the Russia collusion hoax and tried to stage a criminal coup against the American voters.

TAKE DOWN the fake news media that’s practically run by the CIA to work against the interests of America and see this nation destroyed.

TAKE DOWN the Hollywood propaganda machine that’s run by pedophiles and perverts who use their influence to undermine democracy and basic human decency.

TAKE DOWN the indoctrination-based public education system that teaches obedience rather than critical thinking, churning out a steady stream of brainwashed, victim-trained snowflakes who have no real-world skills and no knowledge of real history.

TAKE DOWN the rigged elections, the illegal immigrant voter fraud and the endless, repeating terms of incumbents. It’s time for term limits across the board and arrests of Senators engaged in insider trading.

TAKE DOWN the tyrant regulators like the FDA who run Big Pharma drug cartel protection rackets while criminalizing pioneering doctors and researchers who try to save lives with natural cures that are safe, affordable and effective.

TAKE DOWN the “death science” industry and all its co-conspirators who deliberately build biological weapons that are designed to exterminate human life.

TAKE DOWN the depopulation pushers, the abortionists, the eugenics advocates and the genocide zealots who despise humankind yet wield tremendous power over our world. The anti-human agenda must be halted forever, or humanity will never be free.

Listen to my full podcast that reiterates this message, calling for humanity to rise up and fight for survival against a global agenda of enslavement, medical tyranny and depopulation:



Read more at Pandemic.news to stay informed. I’m also giving a nearly 3-hour presentation about the depopulation agenda at the upcoming GenSix.com May 15-16th online streaming event.