Fauci's Using the "Pause" Torture Technique Against the American People


Fauci, as reported on Fox News about 30 hours ago, called for the cessation of lockdowns because they were causing terrible harm! This is a ruse and this strategic retreat exhibited by Fauci has a purpose that is exposed here. 

Druing the Iraqi War, I looked at torture techniques when the issue arose in the media. I began to research the techniques and I see evidence that Anthony Fauci is using one of the more popular strategies against the American people. 

America is slowly but surely awakening from its slumber, if only, ever so slightly. I believe in an effort to derail any kind of populist rally in America, Fauci is employing a psychological technique that in layman's terms is called the "pause" strategy. 

The intent is to break the will of the people once and for all!

This strategy is described in the following broadcast.