Federal Agents Agree That Military Action Against Mexico Is Needed


We are all aware that the President is hitting Mexico with what should be some devastating tariffs in response to the Mexican government’s sponsoring of the massive wave of immigrants that is presently crossing our border. The leftist, Sinoloan drug cartel supporting President Obrador responded by demanding that Trump admit everyone and anyone wanting to cross our Southern border. Of course, the Mexican President would hate to see the profits from drug trafficking, child-sex-trafficking and gun-running be interfered with by slowing the rate of illegal immigration. To a corrupt Mexican governmental or LEO, losing cartel profits would be far worse than anything a tariff could do. Remember, the unfortunate Mexican people have had to live under a narco-terrorist-state regime for decades. The phrase “narco-terrorist state” is the operative term.

Mexico Commits Multiple Acts of War Against the United States

The Mexican government has committed multiple acts of aggression and even war against the government and the people of the United States. Just the deaths alone, from the opioid drug crisis is a blatant act of war against our youth and their parents. The Mexican military has repeatedly and illegally crossed our border and engaged in illegal terrorist and gang activities including shooting at a Marine, recently, and in an earlier incident, they captured two special forces troops. Mexico poses a major national security threat to our country as they are aiding and abetting, MS-13, ISIS, Cubans, South Americans (eg Columbia, Venezuela, etc) terrorists and gangsters, as well as the Sinoloa and other drug cartels crossing of our Southern border.  

Tariffs will not impact the drug cartels to any significant degree. And it is the drug cartels that is partnering with terrorist groups with regard to, in part sponsoring the criminal, terrorist elements crossing our border. These are the people that mean us harm.

I previously reported on our Youtube Channel that DHS was being deployed to Guatemala. Happy days are here again. At last the US government can bring pressure to bear on the Guatemalan LEO’s to limit illegal crossings through country and into Mexico. Then I woke up. This is a false statement and the article that appeared on a popular website is disinformation.

We Do Have Forces In Guatemala-It’s the CIA Not DHS.

This is indeed the cover story that was intentionally linked so it would be reported in the MSM and the Independent Media as fact. In actuality, I cannot find anyone in any of the alphabet soup agencies that knows this to be fact. However, there are plenty of sources that say that the CIA is on the Guatemala-Mexican border and have been through this entire crisis.

Subsequently, and after several confidential conversations,  I have learned that there is one of the alphabet soup agencies that is indeed involved with the Guatemalan LEO’s, but it is not the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as is being falsely reported. While writing these words, I just had an conversational exchange with a well-place source within DHS and what this person said matches what I have been told by the DEA. My long-time DEA source said “we have no jurisdiction in Guatemala. They would not welcome us unless they could gain more direct US financial aid than they would from drug dealing and other criminal activities and that is not possible. Further, all of Central America is aligned with the cartel/terrorist paramilitary activity.”

Kathy Rubio, DHS, DEA Accounts Match

The above matches precisely with what Kathy Rubio has repeatedly told my audience on The Common Sense Show! She has been to the paramilitary camps. My DEA source knows of the paramilitary camps and was the first to inform me on this point. They are state-supported by all of Central America and most of South America. These entire economies are motivated by trafficking (eg drugs, human bondage and child trafficking). The Common Sense Show, has repeatedly stated this in a variety of articles. Who runs these camps? It is the CIA who runs these caps and the additional psyops that they are running is that they do so while US Army uniforms. I would encourage the reader at this point to use the search engine on the CSS and see for yourself the massive documentation that has been amassed since 2014 on these points. The conclusion is inescapable. Central America is geared toward illegal activity and preparation for paramilitary activity against the United States (ie Red Dawn). A DHS agent just told me as I am writing this article, that they would NOT be in Guatemala, but the CIA would be, and if the CIA is, “nothing good can come this”.

African Terrorists Are Crossing US Border In Great Numbers

Infowars is reporting that “African Hordes are Crossing the Texas border”. It is true, but not new. This is has been going on since October of 2018. This is part of the alliance between drug cartels and terrorist groups that I first reported on back in 2010 with documentation dating back to 2006 (Tucson, AZ).

Please allow me to remind the reader that the FBI busted an ISIS base camp in Alabama two weeks ago.

Trump’s tariffs will do no good. Meanwhile, America is being carved up like the proverbial Thanksgiving turkey. As you drive on the highway today, look over in the next lane and there is a good chance that you will see one of these narco-terrorists. I recently asked an FBI agent how many terrorists and paramilitary troops are there in the US and this person said “probably over 500,000 people”. Before the liberal Democrats can snicker at that statement by an agency that their Deep State benefactors control, let me remind the readers that on July 4, 2016, then FBI Director, James Comey, said there were ISIS cells in all 50 states.


Based on the existing evidence, here is what I have concluded:

The CIA is in Guatemala to facilitate Red Dawn activities. The CIA also needs to ensure that the drug, child and gun running activities that they profit from, must continue unabated. The release of the story on DHS going to Guatemala is a disinfo cover story.

There will be severe terrorist activity inside the United States before much longer, the forces and weapons caches are in place.

I agree with Trevor Loudon and Paul Preston, the Democratic leadership is part of this betrayal (eg Feinstein, Pelosi, Harris, Booker, Biden, Obama, Clinton, Podesta, Warren, Schumer, Nadler, etc). They will continue to work keep the borders open for these narco-terrorists. These “Democratic” traitors will continue to try disarm America so we cannot defend ourselves when the so-called “fun” begins. Let me clear, the Democratic leadership and their Deep State allies are in league to overthrow the United States. The Russian-collusion-delusion was the first step in this process. Why do you think that the Democrats will not agree to any kind of screening of illegal aliens into our country? What does that, alone, tell you about their true agenda?

One thing that has not previously been mentioned is that an April 9, 2019 Washington Post article stated that the United Nations has taken over the training of the new National Guard. Therefore, when the invasion begins in earnest, we can bet the invaders will be wearing blue helmet.

The present Mexican government is guilty of the following war crimes against America:

  •     Promoting terrorism inside the United States.
  •     Promoting the entry of what will be Red Dawn forces.
  •     Drug trafficking that is destroying our youth and corrupting our law enforcement.
  •     Child sex trafficking is not just affecting Mexican and Central American children, American children are being abducted off the streets everyday.
  •     Plundering American taxpayer’s money to pay for this invasion.
  •     Crushing the infrastructure of America (eg hospitals, schools, welfare, use of roads and other infrastructure).

This represents multiple acts of war against our country. Since the inception of the drug cartels, a half a million people have been murdered. Is that what we want here? No wonder the good people in Mexico so badly want to leave and who could blame them?

Finally, there is not one source that I speak with that does not agree that military action against Mexico is called for. The 19th century Mexican War was not justified and was illegal. However, President Trump should immediately move to seal the Guatemalan-Mexican border. A naval and air blockade should be enacted. And finally, the most technological equipment we possess should be employed to seek out drug tunnels coming into the United States and they should be immediately destroyed. The Southern border should immediately be closed. The Democrats listed in this article should be indicted on sedition and treason for the reasons stated. Remember, it was Trevor Loudon who discovered that eighty of these Democratic bastards are members of front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood and/or the American Communist Party.

America, if we are to survive, the actions described above is the minimum that must happen. If these measures do not work, then we need to invade Mexico and initiate a regime change to stop these acts of war.