The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families


The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families


Part I of a five-part series


By Dean Henderson


Global Research, May 06, 2023

This pretty well spells it out.It is still very much an aristocracy that sits on the whole money system and they protect themselves by sucking up the shares of all successful companies ,just like warren Buffet.  Except they have been doing it for multiple lifetimes and the launch obvious winners.

Do observe that they do hide their names, but not because they are hiding anything except themselves.  would you like to have the world know how truly rich you are?  Every scum on the make would ride up to your door along with an army to open that door.


Half their cover is unending conspiracy stories that always lose traction on investigation.  The real conspiracy is right in front of you.  Now suppose all that equity were to be simplky shifted to the global pension fund?  and managed by trained professionals for short spans as well.  Better than this sadly.


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