A Free Ebook for All 'Peaceful Christians'


  by Doug Stuart

Yes, I'm speaking about the Russo-Ukrainian War. America isn't technically involved—I said technically—in this war and yet the left and the right are taking their respective sides. And our Christian brothers and sisters are getting wrapped up in the rhetoric. 

Christians don't need to feel conflicted about issues like the Ukraine-Russia conflict because we see through the lens of allegiance to Christ. The intrinsic evils of statism and the the institutional momentum clashes of these massive states inevitably will lead to the horrors of war.

But Christians, both in America and across the world, often are deceived by their supposed leaders. While we rightly believe that small groups committing violence against each other is gang warfare or pure murderous impulse, governments throughout history lie to their people that large groups killing in war is good and "just" because "we" did it "by the rules." But "we" are not the government, and such language is ideological camouflage for those who desire power and domination over others.

Whether you're a Christian or not, don't fall into the trap. War is simply mass murder at even larger scale.

You can download your free ebook here.