Is the global elite intent on sterilizing men in an effort to control the population?


Interesting that "chronic depression" is listed amongst a bunch of potential state policies in the 2nd column.

Of course, 'fertility agents' in water' supply infest our drinking water…

The decrease in fertility rate for women is well-known and accepted (4th graph in this article).

For men, however, we lack data and the results aren't taken seriously… The latest study in date, a follow-up to the 2017 meta-analysis of Levine et al., shows that sperm count is declining at an accelerated pace (now at 2.64% per year) and throughout all parts of world.

Scientists are now calling for a recognition of decreased male fertility 'as a major public health problem', and indeed important 'for the survival of the human (and other) species'.

Here a nice summary of the current state of the things:

'Some phrases bear repeating, and the warning of Levine et al in their landmark paper of 2017 that a 'strong' decline in count was the 'canary in the coalmine' holds true yet again in their latest update. The canary is still chirping its warning – but now with even greater force – in its implications for male reproductive and more general health.