How Many More Red Lines Can Be Crossed Before Armageddon Arrives?


Paul Craig Roberts

The report documents horrendous torture and it was done out of racial hatred of Russians. You can read the report here: 

 Few Westerners, being so poorly educated, are aware that Western Ukraine fought for Nazi Germany during World War II.  When Washington overthrew the Ukrainian government in 2014, Washington installed a Nazi government. The Nazi government in Ukraine shelled the Russian residents of the two break-away Donbass republics for 8 years while Washington and NATO trained and equipped a Ukrainian army to retake the breakaway republics. 

The Donbass region, always a part of Russia, was put into the Ukrainian province of the Soviet Union by the Soviet government for administrative or other reasons, as was Crimea by Khrushchev in the 1950s.  When the US overthrew the Ukrainian government and installed an anti-Russian government, the residents of Crimea and Donbass, being Russians, broke away and voted overwhelmingly to be reunited with Russia.  The Kremlin accepted Crimea but made the strategic blunder of rejecting Donbass, thus resulting in the extreme murder and torture of Donbass Russians for 8 years before the Kremlin was forced to intervene by Russian public opinion and by the appearance of a 150,000 American-trained Ukrainian army and Nazi militias on the Donbass border.  It is this army and Nazi militias that the Russian army has been exterminating in Donbass during the last several months.  The Western media reports of Ukrainian victories show the total absence of integrity and respect for truth that damns Western journalism.

The extreme torture of the Russian residents of Donbass has been supported by three US presidents, all European states, and the entirety of the whore Western media, a collection of despicable scum.

Instead of reporting the truth, the scum Western media reported fake news of rapes and looting by Russian soldiers, the most disciplined army in the world.  The Ukrainians, or perhaps the CIA, have been exposed filming fake battle scenes in which allegedly Russian troops are shown fleeing from combat.  The filming is so sloppy that the director's instructions for the staged act are included and the film crew is itself filmed, indicating that it is a film production and that there is no danger in the situation.