It Is Not a Matter of IF, But WHEN Putin Attacks Ukraine and Triggers World War III


Ukraine will be quickly be overwhelmed by Russian forces. Can't you feel it? Something big is coming in the Ukraine which is going to impact everyone across the planet. However, most of you will sit on your hands until it is too late as you have deluded yourself into thinking that because the conflict is halfway around the world, that you are safe. Nothing could be further from the truth, and if you knew your history, you would already have begun to prepare for what is coming.

Americans of the World War II era do not need to learn this lesson of history. If Russia invades Ukraine and the US becomes militarily involved, your access to vital and basic resources could be called into question. Anyone born into the "baby boom generation" and younger, has no idea what you could be facing. We are not fighting the Viet Cong or Iraq, we could be fighting a super power who has a significant reach deep inside of this country. My advice to you America is to make a significant shopping run after you are done reading this article. 

Putin Has Already Won the First Battle of WWIII

It is clear that the Russians are in complete control of the strategic infrastructure in Crimea,as this was accomplished in 2014, and for all intents and purposes, this was the first battle of World War III. The Russians control the major roads, the government buildings, the airports, the key utilities and they control the distribution of food within Crimea. In short, Crimea has under Russian martial law. This is a portend to what is coming for Ukraine and they know it and easily as Putin took Crimea, he will soon take Ukraine. 

Can Ukraine Survive the Coming Russian Invasion?

For over a monrh, the Russian military has had a 100,000 man contingent "on military maneuvers" within mere miles from the Ukrainian border. Historically, military maneuvers are a precursor for a war that has gone hot! Ukraine has put all military forces on war alert. However, Kiev's small and poorly equipped military is no match for Russia's incursion force. My military sources tell me what they told me almost 8 years ago in that the 100,000 Russian military force operating just off their border with Ukraine, could secure the country in less than three days unless the Russians encountered a decisive intervention from NATO.

If the CIA established pro-Western government of Ukraine is to survive, they will require military assistance from the West, primarily NATO and the forces of the United States in the very near future. The Russians reportedly have 7 to 10 days to close the door on any meaningful NATO intervention. In other words, if Putin is going to invade the Ukraine, it will be this week or next. As we know, “Sippy Cup Joe” virtually met with Putin on Tuesday, December 7th (how ironic), 2021. It is likely that this was Putin’s last warning to Biden to backdown in the face of the coming Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Without Western Support, Ukraine Could Be Facing Genocide

If the Russians move to subdue Ukraine this week before the West can respond militarily, a Russian-friendly dictator could be placed in power. If the government of Ukraine were smart, they would begin to arm each and every citizen and begin to immediately coach them on how to carry out guerrilla warfare because the Ukrainian military could cease to exist in the next seven to ten days.


Why Does Russia “Need” Ukraine?

It is no secret that Putin is attempting to restore the Soviet Union to its full glory in the same manner as existed in the 1970's. This can best be accomplished through the reunification of the old Eurasian States. The linchpin in this reconstruction of the former Soviet Union begins and ends with Ukraine. The Federal Reserve interests, still smarting from the undermining of the Petrodollar, used the CIA to ferment a coup against the Russian-friendly Ukrainian government and ousted it Moscow-friendly  government. As the readers will recall the Russians retaliated by overrunning Crimea and threatening to nuke the United States over its aggressive intentions toward Syria and Iran. The mainstream media covered the above events, but they did not tell you why this happened. Their benefactors don’t want you to understand why and this, in part, is what this article is about.

The coming war with the United States is a bump in the road compared to what Putin will face in the future. His future war is against globalist interests (ie the New World Order) and their selected new policeman of the world, China, is the major threat faced by Putin. China presents the greatest threat to Russia, not the United States. However, the US, since the days of Obama, has taken a key cog in the economy of Russia, namely Ukraine and have severely limited Russia’s exploitation of Ukraine, thus hindering the Russian economy. Russia needs the pass-through to Europe that Ukraine supplies to Europe with regard to potential energy distribution at an inflated rate.

Russia controls much of Europe’s home heating oil needs.  It is estimated that Europe gets anywhere from 25% to 33% of its energy needs from Russian sources, much of it  was via Ukraine before the CIA overthrew the Russian-friendly government.

The War in Ukraine is wreaking havoc on the Russian energy business.



With the onset of cold weather, the nations in Europe are now in crisis mode as they anticipate the worst from Putin. These nations have almost no energy reserves. Major shifts in policy will be witnessed within a mere 24 hours of the enactment of any blackmail-style-embargo on Europe by Russia. However, since the 2014 fall of Ukraine to western interests, the Russians have had to reroute much of their natural gas shipments through Turkey and it is too expensive. The Russians feel that controlling the flow of natural gas to Europe  through Ukraine accomplishes several simultaneous goals.

  1. Germany, France, et al can be blackmailed through the withholding of natural gas to influence NATO to not intervene in a Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  2. The establishment of a free pass-through for Russian gas to Europe will provide a tremendous boost to their energy income stream that can be translated into a large increase in military spending so the Russians can prepare to eventually fight China after the fall of the United States is complete.
  3. The control of large segments of European energy usage will allow Russia to negate much of the threat posed by NATO. This would undoubtedly lead to a revival of the Russian-inspired Syrian Civil War in which, with the help of Iran, could be used to threaten Israel.

What Does This Mean for the US?

The US has limited options when it comes to Russia and the Ukrainian issue.

  1. The US can do nothing and allow Russia to consume Ukraine. This will result in an energy monopoly in Europe in which our major trading partners are severely harmed by Russian influence. Consequently, this will have a negative impact on the United States and its economy, which in turn, will greatly impact the ability to maintain a world-class military.
  2. If the US, through NATO, moves to engage the Russians, I believe that this will trigger aggressive military responses by China and Iran and this will be covered in the article in this series.


We have to remember that Biden has clearly distinguished himself as a Manchurian candidate who hell-bent on destroying the United States on behalf of China. Russia is about ready to provide Beijing Biden with the ability to make Benedict Arnold look like an American patriot.

Conflict in Ukraine will not be an isolated event. American interests, everywhere, will be attacked by several countries and on multiple fronts including inside the United States.

In the next article, I will reveal the chain reaction that is coming our way. Will Russia attack Ukraine? The answer is yes and it will lead to WW III on multiple fronts.