It Is a Punishable Offense for Students to Say "AMERICA" On the Campus of Colorado State University


Parents, send your kid off to a liberal state-run university and you will not recognize your child when they graduate.

There is a war being waged for control over the culture of America. The first step in waging this Leftist-inspired war is to gain control of the language. this article will demonstrate that great lengths that several universities are exerting to control the language, and therefore, the thoughts of their students. 

At Colorado State University, they have published a rehash of their student guidelines. Originally, this material was eligible to be legally and administratively applied to students.  Colorado State is now trying obscure from resulting public scrutiny that these "guidelines" were being arbitrarily applied. The clear intent is to control the students and their beliefs and this is going on all across college campuses in "America".  

Here is an excerpt from this Colorado State University's nonsensical and globalist-orientated language guide in which the term America is no longer an appropriate term for young Americans on the campus of Colorado State University to refer to themselves:

"The Americas encompass a lot more than the United States. There is South America, Central America, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean just to name a few of 42 countries in total. That's why the word "americano" in Spanish can refer to anything on the American continent. Yet, when we talk about "Americans" in the United States, we're usually just referring to people from the United States. This erases other cultures and depicts the United States as the dominant American country."

This is thinly veiled globalism designed to brainwash our young adults into accepting globalism, the loss of patriotism and acceptance and obedience to the New World Order. I AM AN AMERICAN AND MY GOVERNMENT IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And I and everyone else will say this wherever and whenever we choose!

This moronic language guide forgets to mention that all the "other Americas" are desperately trying to come to my AMERICA and spend my tax dollars. This goes along with I heard back in 2004 when I was invited to attend a conference at the Maricopa County Community College District in which Arizona State University was announcing their roll-out of their undergraduate and graduate Sustainability programs in which the central theme was "mankind is responsible for all negative climate change" and that "American professors would have to STOP teaching American exemplerance to their undergraduate students". Same message different era. By the way, Arizona State, under new Colorado State University guidelines would have to remove the term "mankind" from its founding documents. Gender-based terms are no long allowed. It is presumably a punishable offense, under student conduct rules for a student on the campus of Colorado State University to utter the name of "America" on their liberal and radicalized campus! Students are also barred from using terms such as man, woman, policeman, his, hers, husband, father, wife, mother.......

From the grammar police at Colorado State University:

...Use people-first language (i.e. person with a disability vs. disabled or person of color vs. colored) unless the person indicates another preference.  Never assume a person’s gender identity based on their name or their appearance – if you don’t know, use gender inclusive pronouns or ask for their pronouns  Use gender inclusive language when speaking in generalities or about groups of people that you do not know the individual pronouns of (i.e. everyone vs. ladies and gentlemen and they/them/theirs vs. he/him/his and she/her/hers). 

Partial list of other banned terms:

Birth Defect

The Blind / The Deaf / Eye for an Eye

Cake Walk/Takes the cake

Crazy / Nuts / Maniac / Lunatic / Insane / Deranged / Psycho / Demented  



Dumb / MuteHe or She 
Ladies and Gentlemen 




Ghetto / Barrio

Handicapped / Disabled / Crippled / Suffers from, Afflicted with, Victim of / Invalid / Lame / Deformed  

Handicap parking

He or She 
Ladies and Gentlemen 

Hip hip hooray!


Illegal immigrant / alien   (Implies that they are criminal)

Man the Booth / Mankind/ Manmade   You Guys   Policeman / Fireman / Chairman 

Male / Female

Mr./ Mrs./ Ms.

Normal Person 

Paraplegic / Quadriplegic

Starving / I’m Starving / I’m Broke




This is why this author is sending his highly recruited honor student son to a private Christian University where God and Jesus are still honored and worshipped.


Here are some more the details to this horrible story followed by more examples of social justice warrior tyranny from around the country.. 



What is happening at Colorado State University is also going on all across the country in liberalized and radicalized state-run universities. 

Our Universities and Their Radicalized Social Justice Warriors


social justice 3

Colleges and universities used to be centers of free thinking, debate and research. However, this was then and this is now which means that increasingly, post-secondary schools of education are increasingly becoming indoctrination think tanks as well as becoming fertile ground to train college students to become East German Stasi informants. Academic freedom is dead!

Social Justice Warriors

The intent of post-secondary institutions to control what students think and to report on students who are not drinking the authoritarian Kool-aid has been given a name and that name is "social justice warriors". Generally, social justice warriors are defined in the following manner:

so·cial jus·tice war·ri·or


informal derogatory

plural noun: social justice warriors

  1. a person who expresses or promotes socially progressive views.

    "these social justice warriors want to apply their politically correct standards and rules to others' speech"


Institutions of Higher Persecution

There are a seemingly unlimited number of post-secondary institutions who engage in stifling free speech and conservative values. Here are just a few examples:

Texas A&M

professor curry

White professor calls for the killing of Blacks" to achieve some social and political goal“.  Can you imagine the outcry to such a statement? The hypothetical professor in question would be immediately fired  and subject to arrest for terroristic threatening.  Then why does Professor Curry of Texas A & M still a free man? Why does he still have his job?  This is racism and terrorism . And this double standard opens a whole can of worms that has very serious implications for all whites living in American.  The President of this retrograde university defended the racist professor.




It costs about $50,000 per year to attend UCLA.  Only 26% of the students are white. Over 55% of the students are female. Yet, UCLA is a post-secondary institution that defines itself as being representative of tyrannical white power which must be eradicated of its "whiteness". Subsequently, UCLA has become one of the latest universities which will oppress free speech. From Heat Street

"University of California-Los Angeles, is joining the ranks, announcing plans to hire students to function as “Social Justice Advocates” to combat “whiteness,” “heteronormativity” and “the patriarchy.” "...The publicly-funded university has announced plans to pay 8 to 10 students (with taxpayer dollars) to hold official “Social Justice Advocate” positions in the upcoming semester. First reported on Campus Reform, these so-called advocates will — according to the university administration’s official job posting — guide peers to “navigate a world that operates primarily on whiteness, patriarchy, and heteronormativity as the primary ideologies.” Advocates will receive quarterly stipends (the amount is still to be determined) for helping to “educate” other students about “systems of oppression.” The program’s stated goal is to make UCLA a “more equitable space for all students and communities.”

Your tax dollars at work.

Evergreen State College

Image result for evergreen state college

Many are now familiar with the stunningly moronic events which have taken place at Evergreen State College in which a white college professor has been set upon for showing up to his campus on a student declared “no whites day” in which all whites were to vacate the campus in protest to so-called “white privilege”. When Professor Weinstein announced he would not honor the declaration, and showed up to do his job, he was set upon and threatened by the students. During the verbal assault and physical harassment of the professor, the campus police encountered a student barricade at the doors of the building where Weinstein was being besieged. Rather than the police doing what should have been done, which was to sneak around to the side of the building and sneak in to see if the professor was still alive (ie your law enforcement dollars at work). Meanwhile, the spineless college president hid in his office rather than take control of his campus. The chicken (bleep) local chief of police has stated that Weinstein must stay away because he is not safe. Do you recall your American History? When the Supreme Court ordered the schools desegregated, President Eisenhower sent in the National Guard and the Army to protect the black children from harm as Central High School in Little Rock was desegregated. But a white professor is not entitled to police protection from either campus police or the local police because his race is white. What’s next? Should these hooligan and criminal students be allowed to get out the rope and lynch this professor because he would not honor a day of reverse racism on his campus. Has Jim Crow come full circle? Has the violence and nonsensical logic of the left manifested itself in a leftist version of the KKK, only now white professors are the targets of this new flavor of racism.

University of Arizona

u-of-a-2 u-of-a   The University of Arizona’s Department of Bias is paying  “social justice warriors” to spy on conservative views who possess inappropriate views.  Has the Stasi taken up roots in Tucson? Personal Note: My son is an honor student, living in Arizona,t who is just beginning to be recruited by various Universities.  



Social Justice Warriors  are conquering the minds of American school children to the point where by the time our little darlings reach college age,they are seeking to spread their flavor of liberal retardation to all.

We are witnessing the conversion of young adults from college students to East German Stasi agents. Parents as you send your adult children off to school this fall, choose your college very carefully.


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