It Is Time to Go Into Secret Mode As America Enters Its Toughest Days In History- Robert Griswold and Dave Hodges


Survival expert, Robert Griswold, will tell you that it is time to go into secret mode. We are days, weeks, at the most a couple of months away from the riots. There will be the food riots. There will be the riots against the unreasonable imprisonment that America has been subjected to. There is pent up anger across the country and it is ready to explode! As Robert Griswold says, it is definitely time to go into secret mode. Secret mode, means that you hide your preps from everyone else. You must give the appearance that you are in the same dire situation as your neighbors who did not prepare. In the following interview,

Griswold suggest that in the upcoming weeks as the inevitable food riots occur, that you have already purchased oversized clothing in order that you will appear to be as destitute as everyone else. Robert Griswold talked greatly about the crisis that we are involved with. He clearly feels that the lockdown will be responsible for more deaths than the Coronavirus. After Griswold and myself laid out the threats, we spend a great deal of time talking about how to minimize your risks as average Americans are living through the coming famine and eventual civil unrest ending in civil war.

  • Cell phone shutdowns are almost upon us
  • The internet is being slowed down and eventually will disappear
  • COVID-19 is the cover for the Deep State to steal our country. 
  • There is much, much more that every American needs to hear in this bombshell of an interview.


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