Joe Biden's Last Mission



The 2020 election is about bait and switch. Some think they are voting for Quid Pro Joe, when they are really voting for Kamala. Although "heels in the air" Harris has never found it difficult to position herself for success, this time, the damaged goods we call Kamala Harris needs to Joe Biden's help to become the next President. 

The plot to install Harris as President has hit a bump in the road despite the fact that the Democrats are immune to prosecution. Teflon, the Democrats are made of Teflon! Nothing sticks as there is no evidence that is strong enough to convict a Democrat even when the evidence is hiding in plain sight. The emails are what they are, proof of treason, influence peddling, organized crime, pedophilia, child sex trafficking and illegal arms deals. Yet, it is always the Russians, Russians, Russians, even though the Mueller investigation found nothing. In fact, "The Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said that the emails from a laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden are not part of a Russian disinformation campaign against Democratic nominee Joseph R. Biden, as House Republicans called for a special counsel to investigate."

The salacious details about Hunter Biden and his torture and sexual abuse of under-age Chinese children has been established through the emails. The witnesses and the emails, coming from the laptop from hell establish a Presidential candidate who is vulnerable to blackmail from China, Ukraine, and Russia. If elected and if Biden lasts more than a few months, he will have to start a war with both China and Russia to cover up his misdeed and to keep them from coming to light.

Quid Pro Joe says this election is about character. In addition to everything else that has been revealed about the Biden Crime Family, there is one detail that is exposed like a hanging chad….

When Biden’s first wife and his little girl were killed in a car accident, Joe will eventually take a new wife. And who would that be? Her name is Jill. What did Jill do? Jill was the Biden’s babysitter. That should send chills up one’s spine.

This election is about character? Biden's character has hit a snag as he is trying to complete his final mission of installing Kamala as the next President. 

Yesterday, when finally asked about the Hunter Biden laptop, Quid Pro Joe said his son is an honorable person. Yes Joe, this honorable person was dishonorably discharged from the Navy for his lack of character and drug addiction. Joe is correct, this race is about character. Let’s not forget that Joe, when helping to pass the crime bill, he condemned tens of thousands, of “super predator” as Joe called them (ie African-American males) to prison. And of course, "they ain’t Black unless they vote for Joe", and there is so much more about the racist character of Joe Biden, although in his cognitive state he won’t remember. Quid Pro Joe forgets what state he is in, what office he’s running for and whether he will raise taxes, or not, or stop fracking, or not. Joe is confused, very confused. There has never been a candidate in American history who’s character and fitness to serve, has ever been so much in question and all he had to do was to get elected. But here we are at the finish line and the wheels are coming off. 

This election is indeed about character, but not the Biden’s character. Joe and Hunter are both lame ducks and have zero credibility. The character that this election about is totally about Kamala Harris. This election should have been about Kamala’s character. After all, with the 25th Amendment waiting in the wings, an elected Biden will spawn the most frightening political character in America history upon our country, save Hillary Clinton. America has never had a Presidential candidate that would give Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao a serious run for their money, save Hillary Clinton. In modern comparisons, the “heels in the air” Harris is a combination of Clinton and AOC and if that does not scare the hell out of you, then you must share Joe's cognitive disorder. 

So who is Kamala Harris?  We are saving the best for last. In the next installment in this series the CSS will examine the woman who would become the next President of the United States. The CSS just wants to make sure you know who and what you are voting for on November 3rd.