The Manufacturing of a Racial Civil War-Robert Grisowld and Dave Hodges

race war

Robert Griswold and myself just completed an interview about the orchestrated racial civil war that the Globalists and George Soros are perpetrating in an effort to destroy America. It is difficult to believe that one political party could be dedicated to the ideal and goal of destroying the country they live in and replace it with a nation that has Nazi and Communist overtones in the new structure, but that is exactly what is happening. Despite the satanic evil that is being unleashed against Americans, today, God's principles still reign supreme and Griswold identifies these Christian principles that can successfully be applied to the the present crisis. The murer of Floyd may be the catalyst, but God will have the final word. The interview can be linked here. 

Also, Griswold was a popular participant in the recently concluded GEN SIX conference. People described the event as life-changing. The conference may be over, but you can access the great guests and important topics by clicking here to learn about the video on demand.