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Maricopa Judge: "I have no confidence at all this election was run fairly."


 Mark Finchem

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Jordan Conradson at the Gateway Pundit revealed something shocking about the elections in Maricopa. She highlighted to the Gateway Pundit  severe election day issues that made having a secure election impossible. I detail some of the biggest issues she highlighted below. This testimony comes from an election judge who revealed this information to the Gateway Pundit, and asked them to redact his name, but will testify in court if necessary.

The Election judge stated:
"The massive lines were real. We had close to 200 people in line at one point, and it was a two-hour wait. And we had people walking off of the line because they just couldn't wait anymore."

This was a result whereby other voting centers were seemingly sending their voters to this one election center despite not having proper check-out procedures.

In particular, many Election Day voters were sent away from their primary Election Center to vote in another Election Center, without being told they needed to "check-out" of the first one in order for their vote to count.

Jordan Conradson highlights a situation where two Democrats were allowed to register to vote immediately before the election, using out-of-state identification.
The Election Judge told these individuals that according to State Law, they were not eligible to cast a ballot, but they could receive a provisional ballot to be possibly reviewed later.




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