Mega Democrat Donor: "This Is The Most Dangerous Vaccine Ever Created By Man!"


by Vince Quill

Steve Kirsch is a mega-donor for the Democratic Party, but that's not stopping him from being an honest man and spreading the truth on Covid shots.

Kirsch recently told Fox News in an interview that he actually believed the shots were hurting more people than they were saving—citing data often overlooked and outright swept under the rug by the CDC, NIH, and the FDA.

Kirsch says that this is "the most dangerous vaccine ever created by man" and we are inclined to agree.

We here at WeLoveTrump—specifically Daniel G, have published droves of articles citing various vaccine injuries, myocarditis, and mysterious deaths in young people—particularly in athletes.

A quick glance at any of those articles without any numbers or statistical data is enough to reveal that something is deeply wrong.

Kirsch has essentially been stonewalled by the Democratic Party when it comes to this issue and is now jumping ship because of the blatant dishonesty and cult-like stance of the Party.

Here's what he recently told Fox News: