More Concrete Evidence of an Intended Purge Against Conservative Americans by the Would-Be Biden Administration


Two key prominent Democrats have promised deadly vengeance upon people who they view as political enemies. The two key officials are former Presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris, and former Senior White House advisor, Valerie Jarrett. Both prominent Democrats are proven criminals and both are reportedly being considered as a running mate for Joe Biden, or at minimum as senior level cabinet officials. . 

The statements of these two Democrats signal an intention to commit a purge against American conservatives for whom these two perceive as political opposition. The current and past statements of these two Democratic women are very Gestapo-like and should make every American shudder in this shoes. 

When one considers the threat of a purge against conservative Americans who dared to oppose the communist politics of these two, one has to decide how much weight to give tho their statements. Below, an analysis is provided to the communist threat posed by these two public figures. When one considers Biden's recent threat to classify Christians as terrorists, it is time to take seriously the real possibility that a purge will take place if and when the Democrats (ie communists) take control of the White House. 

Kamala Harris Threatening to Hunt Down Political Opponents When Democrats Take Back the White House

The following has been vetted and it is so disturbing because this statement comes from a sitting United States Senator and the former Attorney General of California. Clearly Harris' statement promises revenge on those who supported Trump as they will be hunted down, a purge-to-come if you will. 


Kamala Harris may not want you to own a weapon, but she has developed an impressive weapon of her own. Like many women in the Deep State controlled Democratic Party, she learned how to sleep her way to the top. From USA Today:

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown addressed his past relationship with Sen. Kamala Harris in a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle on Saturday and acknowledged giving her appointments that furthered her career. 

"Yes, we dated. It was more than 20 years ago," wrote Brown, who said he had "been peppered with calls from the national media about my 'relationship' with Kamala Harris, particularly since it became obvious that she was going to run for president."

Harris' office did not immediately respond to USA TODAY's request for comment on Brown's letter to the Chronicle. 

Brown was married at the time he and Harris dated, but – because he had been "estranged from his wife" Blanche Brown since 1981, according to People magazine –the relationship was not kept secret. A Sacramento Bee reporter told People that Brown "had a succession of girlfriends" and would "go to a party with his wife on one arm and his girlfriend on the other.” 

...When they met, she was 29 and Brown was 60...

As the Eagles once said in a song "You can't hide your lyin eyes" So much for integrity in the political life of Kamala Harris. She would make an excellent President in the mold of Obama.

When Kamala Harris was not double dating with Willie Brown's wife and Willie, she was involved in other escapades involving bedroom shenanigans, only these were a lot more serious.  San Francisco Weekly reporter, Matt Smith found that in 2010 that Harris blocked reporters’ efforts for five years to view her office’s files on Catholic clergy sex abuse under the state Public Records Act. Smith reports:

Portions of this record came to light in stories by then–SF Weekly staff writer Ron Russell in 2005 and in a May 5 story in The New York Times that recounted elements of Russell’s reporting. By sifting through documents made public as a result of lawsuits, Russell learned that during the 1990s and 2000s, Levada helped keep allegations against pedophile priests shrouded in secrecy. Alleged abusers included Salesian Brother Salvatore Billante, who police alleged had sexual relations with at least 24 children, but charges were dropped after the California Supreme Court overturned a state law extending the statute of limitations for pedophiles. And so the full contents of archdiocese clergy abuse files obtained by prosecutors were never revealed at trial. Relatively unscathed by his San Francisco legacy, now-Cardinal Levada is the chief Vatican official charged with responding to global allegations of clergy abuse.

Kamala put every Catholic child at risk when she the Attorney General of California.

John Guandolo is the foremost terror expert in the United States. He is currently the President and Founder of Understanding The Threat, the only organization in America providing tools to leaders, police and citizens to identify and dismantle jihadi/terrorist networks in their local communities. 

He is also a former FBI Agent assigned to the Counter Terrorism Division, Wash., D.C.

Recently former FBI Counterrorism expert, John Guandolo appeared on the CSS. He maintains that the United States co-existence with advocates of Sharia law cannot occur. The two cultures are mutually exclusive. Guandolo further contends, in this ground-breaking interview, that the situtaion in Iran is toxic and there are not many viable options to pull back from war. In the interview, Guandolo also identified the penetration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the US government, into positions of power, as well as the betrayal of the Democratic Party, whose actions are so reprehensible, that the American Communist Party does not even run candidates anymore because of their agreement with the current Democratic Party. Guandolo strongly believes that America runs the risk of being taken over from without, but mostly from within and that process is well underway!

Tervor Loudon, the author of Enemies Within, flagged Harris as a communist sympathizer and a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Dave Hodges interview with John Guandolo can be accessed by clicking this link. 

In a later appearence on The Common Sense Show, Guandolo, maintained that America is under attack by a partnership between the world's largest terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood (in which Obama's half-brother Malik is the head of arms procurement and finance) and the Communist Party. They are in partnership with the Democratic Party which has morphed into the American Communist Party. Antifa is an operational arm of this plot along with other dissident and revolutionary radical groups identified in this interview. The interview not only identifies the key issues but also clearly identifies what lies ahead for America. Kamala Harris was already identified as being linked to these groups and now she is being considered for Vice President or at least, a high level cabinet job in the Biden administration. This is the representation of the communist takeover of America. 

The second and most revealing nterview can be accessed at this link

Valerie Jarrett has Resurfaced and Has Promised Revenge on Political Opponents

It was shocking when President George W. Bush stated “you are either with us, or you are with the terrorists.” Senior White House Adviser, Valerie Jarrett, has taken these words to a significantly more dramatic level when she stated that “there will be hell to pay” for Obama’s critics in the second term". To be more specific, Jarrett said“After we win this election (2012), it is payback time. For those who supported us, there will be rewards, for the ones who opposed us, they will get what they deserve. There will be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time..."

Jarrett has an interesting pedigree and it all links back to extreme communists who are intent on overthrowing the government.

You remember Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn don't you? The Weatherman Underground? You know, the 1960's radical group of rich, red-diaper babies who perpetrated dozens of bombings of public buildings which led to the death of a San Francisco police officer for which these two thugs were never prosecuted and were eventually pardoned for all other crimes committed while participating in some of the worse domestic terrorism that this country has ever witnessed. Surely, you now remember Bill and Bernardine as they were the ones who launched the political career of Barry Sotero (AKA Barak Obama), in their Hyde Park living room at the dawn of Barry's political career while running for the State Senate in Illinois.  This is the same Bill and Bernardine who was under investigation by the FBI and specifically by FBI informant, the late Larry Grathwohl, while appearing The Common Sense Show, revealed he had previously penetrated the inner circle of the Weatherman, on behalf of the FBI, and was exposed to some stunning revelations by Dohrn and Ayers as they announced plans to institute a methodical and systematic, long term communist takeover of the government. When the takeover was complete, Grathwohl reported that Ayers stated that 50 million Americans would have to be sent to re-education camps and an estimated 25 million Americans would have to murdered in order to stop the counter revolution which would follow their communist takeover. The American people are now at the precipice of this long planned takeover. Not only were Bill and Bernardine Obama's handlers, the Ayers family was intermarried into the family of Valerie Jarrett's, senior White House advisor to President Obama. As one remembered, Valerie Jarrett was Obama’s most senior level adviser.

Jarrett is an unmitigated thug. She was fired from her role as a public relations expert for the mayor of Chicago for being a slum lord of this highest degree. Jarrett has consistently acted with a stunning amount of depraved indifference toward her fellow human beings. Valerie Jarrett is indeed both a criminal and a human rights violator. She has participated in abusing large numbers of impoverished black citizens and her actions have contributed to these poor souls living in a squalor befitting the worst of a third world country as she became one of America's most notorious slum lords. Unfortunately, Jarrett’s slum lord actions took place in Chicago, not in a third world country. Jarrett performed her misdeeds in former State Senator Obama’s Senatorial district in which the future president secured federal funding for Jarrett’s slum housing project. Jarrett’s political record in Chicago was nothing to be proud about. Jarrett, already was known for her corruption and incompetence, when she was eventually fired by Mayor Daley after a scandal erupted over her role in misuse of public funds in the city’s substandard public housing. In other words, a known political criminal found it necessary to fire a criminal because Jarrett was too extreme, even for Mayor Daley. Jarrett was the former CEO of Habitat Co., which managed Grove Parc Plaza beginning in 2001 and continued through the time that she served as a member of Obama’s presidential campaign finance committee, until the federally subsidized Chicago complex was seized by the federal government after inspectors found the conditions to beunlivable. Please allow me to pause and ask a question. How does a woman, fired by a corrupt mayor for corruption and busted by the federal government for absconding with federal housing funds while maintaining an apartment complex under the most horrific of conditions, get to be the President's most trusted adviser? Jarrett's past actions are indicative of an individual who would not hesitate to act with extreme malice toward a country who is beginning to believe that this administration is the most dangerous administration in American History. Does my mental health expertise allow me to make the professional judgment that both Jarrett and Obama would ever make the call to carry out the wishes of Bill Ayers, with regard to detentions and exterminations? 

Additionally, Jarrett's relatives in Iran are linked to the world's largest terror organization, the Muslim Brotherhood.

What is most disturbing is that Jarrett is rumored to be on the short list of candidates to serve as Biden's Chief of Staff and even possibly a Vice-Presidential candidate. 

When we combine the possible participation, in central roles in the potential Biden administration, America must conclude that a deadly purge will accompany this communist takeover of the American government.

There is even more reason for concern as the CSS has learned that the NOVAD and the Clergy Response Team has been activated. This can only mean one thing: FEMA camps await all who are not on board with this Bolshevik Revolution. This will be the topic of the next part in this series.