The Murder of the 9 Americans Was a Calexit Hit with the Help of the Mexican Government and the UN


There reactions to the heinous murders of 9 American citizens in Northern Mexico are uniformly condemning of this Satanic-related crime. Yes, Satanic, indeed. There are multiple dimensions to this crime and they include the following:

1. The physical realm in which opposing forces are committed to a level of violence in order to gain a political advantage.

2. The spiritual realm in which the forces of evil have overtaken certain biological entities that we used to call human and these demonically possessed indivduals are carrying out horrific crimes in the name of Satan. 

3. Of course, it's Mexico, and the cartels are deeply involved. This event was clearly a cartel incident among other things. 

The Spiritual Realm

Mexico in in danger of losing its Christian heritage as expressed through the Catholic Church. The Catholic leadership, from the top down, has foresaken their time-honored devotion to Jesus. We are seeing calls for the blending of Christianity and Islam in what is being called by the Pope as Chrislam. We seeing Satanic statues appearing through out Italy. If I were Catholic, I would be concerned that my church leadership has joined the other side, the dark side. LA Marzulli expressed the evil side of what is happening from a spiritual perspective, inside of Mexico, in the following statement. 

I won't be visiting Mexico anymore.
Mexico could be an incredible destination! Its endless coastline with pristine beaches could be developed, sadly most of them are not. Mexico's ancient ruins are an ongoing attraction. Places like Teotijuacan—where I filmed and spent the day—are a must-see. However, there is no rule of law there and, in my opinion, the country is ruled by the drug cartels, so I won't be going back any time soon.
It's just not safe to go there and coupled with the insanity and corruption that goes hand in hand with the drug trade is the worship of ancient demon gods. As seen from the grisly picture above, there are altars that are set up and offerings are made to an ancient principality that has ruled over the area for millennia.
I would posit this is the same "diety" that the Mayans sacrificed thousands of people too in a ritualistic slaughter. In our recent interview with Battle-buddy Russ Dizdar, he addressed this!
In our latest film in the On the Trail of the Nephilim series, we show the Mayan elders coming to our country with the 13 Crystal skulls. They perform a ritual at the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio! Can you believe it? They know what the serpent mound is and that's why they went there.
We show them chanting which I believe opened a portal or a doorway to let "the old ones"—think Fallen angels—back in. The place is demonically charged! Heck, it's an effigy of a  serpent so what do you expect?

The UN, the Cartels, the Mexican Government Conspire to Bait Trump Into a War

The murder of the 9 American citizens was baseless, pointless. The Guerros cartel gained nothing by performing this act. So, why did they do it? They were ordered to do it by the Mexican government. The Common Sense Show researcher, Marilyn Rupar, found publications which demonstrated that back in 2014, the Mexican Federal Police Force arrested 43 college students who were protesting the government. The government turned them over to the Guerros and they were all slaughtered. Most of the cartels carry out the desires of the Mexican leaderhip (eg AMLO) so people like Nieto and AMLO can keep their hands clean. So why murder these 9 Americans?

The only reason to murder these 9 Americans was to provoke a war. Please consider the following facts:

1. In April of 2019, the Washington Post reported that the UN was training the newly formed Mexican National Guard for "humanitarian purposes". The UN is deeply involved in Mexico.

2. For years, there have been repeated reports of Chinese soldiers and an accompanying UN presence near the border. I repeatedly reported on this in 2014 during the last Central American immgration invasion. 

3. There exists the UN's Kigali Principles which Obama signed shortly before leaving office. This allows the UN, on its own say-so to enter into any conflict or civil disturbance militarily. 

These combined facts make it clear to many in federal law enforcement that I spoke with that this attack upon this family was designed to force Trump's hand and order troops to cross the border and the UN, along with their Chinese partners, would spring into action in order to defend the "sovereign" country of Mexico from American imperialistic interventions. In other words this whole process was a set up from the beginning and Trump did not take the bait. 

CSS researcher, Marilyn Rupar, reported that even a certain police forces knew about what going to take place and the border could become a war zone as evidenced by the fact that the entire Juarez Police Department went into a massive stand-down mode. Immediately after the attack on the American family, the Juarez Police hunkered down inside their police barracks. The Juarez Police had avanced knowledge of what was coming as did the migrant caravans which all but stopped during this time. Here is an interview I just conducted with Marilyn Rupoar on the stand down of the Juarez Police. 



The Fix Is In

President Trump wanted to send in the troops to catch the perpetrators. However, he did not allow himself to be drawn into this trap. The mainstream media did a 180 degree about face when Trump did not take the UN bait and cross the border in force. The media, not wanting to over-expose the fact that the cartels are associated with the Mexican government and the UN, began to defame the victimized family in order to promote a loss of sympathy for the victims with the hope that the public's attention would quickly become diverted to another area. . The media, in the aftermath, reported the family were child sex traffickers, drug dealers and very immoral people. This shift in media coverage was to take attention away from the brutality and corruption of these aforementioned entitties. 

Paul Preston, the President of New California and an opponent of Calexit, contacted me and confirmed what I had already learned. The mass murder of this American family was a Calexit hit. Well over three years ago, Paul and myself revealed that his embedded source, while attanding a Calexit meeting, was told that the cartels would start murder white people in public as well as Christians. Many people, including Paul believe that this mass murder was the manifestation of this plot. This begs the question about why Calexit would engage in such a dastardly act? Calexit is trying to generate so much violence that the UN will be justified, in their minds only, to enter the US in force. The US tried to enter the UN last year as the Cook County Commissioners were inviting them in and then had to withdraw the offer because of pressure from the Trump administration. 

California is at the center of the plot to destroy America from within. If California were to leave the Union, retail in this country would collapse as would agriculture. There would be a retail apocalypse, massive food inflation and spot famines. However, the Calexit plot, led by George Soros has stalled. Therefore, we are witnessing on the plot to provoke such violence, that the UN feels the need to come into the conflict and then Calfornia may be able to successfully withdraw from the USA. When one looks at who the Calexit partners are, this becomes completely believable. As stated they are led by George Soros with associates from the Mexican Consulate, the Bank of China, HSBC Bank, Cinta (covert Chinese military), La Raza, Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder is the spokesperson, Loretta Lynch has done work for them, Valerie Jarrett has entered the conflict and several cartel members along with the covert participation of Communist China's best friend, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff et al. 

Look for more massacrees in the near future coming to a neighborhood from you. The final goal is to bring the UN troops into the artificially created conflic and they will be blue helmeted soldiers from Russia and China.