New 'Church Committee' sought to address FBI and DOJ abuses


 By Bob Unruh    WORLD NET DAILY


In just the past few years, it's become known at the FBI misled the FISA court while working with Democrats to create the now-debunked Russia collusion conspiracy theory that was used against President Trump.

It also doctored evidence.

Its officials lied.

There were agents who "dropped the ball" on a sexual abuse scandal involving Olympians.

And they raided the home of a sitting president.

Perhaps what some may consider the last straw developed when news came out that the FBI employed a Russian businessman as a "confidential human source" against President Trump even though the informant, who is going to trial for lying later this fall, was suspected of lying and having ties to the Kremlin's intelligence agencies.

The evidence adds up, and is prompting calls for another Church Committee.

A report at Just the News said that committee was half a century ago when Americans were coming out of the scandal of Watergate and also held concerns about the FBI operations under J. Edgar Hoover, when civil rights were ignored and political enemies targeted.

Idaho Sen. Frank Church ran the investigation, and it resulted in new requirements for the protection of constitutional rights.

A number of influential leaders say it's time for that type of committee to return.

Kevin Brock, the FBI's inaugural intelligence chief, told Just the News, "I think, frankly, it would be great for the FBI. They find themselves obviously in a very challenging situation, some of which they brought on themselves, others kind of imposed upon them."

He continued, during an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast, "But they find themselves in a place right now where well over the half the country believes they're working on behalf of one political party over another. And that can't stand … the agency can't survive if that persists."

Former Rep. Devin Nunes, who was chair of the House Intelligence Committee while in office, and helped expose the Democrats' work with the FBI and DOJ against President Trump, said it likely will take more than Congress.

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