A New Epidemic Is Spreading Through America


Cognitive Dissonance is the refusal to see the shifting fortunes of reality because the truth is too painful to comprehend. America is now an enslaved nation. We have been conquered. We are in a permanent state of imposed martial law awaiting mass genocide. Americans, you have been tagged and soon you will bagged. The terms of your surrender are imposed upon you every single day. And don’t you dare even think about defending yourself at this late date because soon your guns will be gone. Your food will controlled and used as a weapon against you to gain your complicit participation in your own demise! We owe most of these changing and deadly fortunes to Cognitive Dissonance. However, we have entered stage four of Cognitive Dissonance as our nation has developed a profound case of “hopium”.

The most dangerous drug in America, today, is hopium! It is more potent than CHICOM produced fentanyl It is ultimately more addicting than CHICOM-controlled cartel distributions of heroin. And it is more deadly that live organ extractions from the Fallon Gong in a CHICOM prison!

What is hopium? It is the belief that Trump will be back in office by August! Originally, I thought the date of his magical return was March 6th. Trump is done, politically, and if he doesn’t stop trying to influence elections, his ending won’t be pretty. The best case scenario is that he will go to prison for income tax evasion courtesy of the State of New York. The worst case scenario, is that the Trump assassination will give us much to talk about for the next 50 years as the JFK assassination has for the past 50 years.

Hopium is the mentally induced drug stupor which produces hallucinations that your vote means anything. The Democrats stole the 2020 election in plain sight. Denied they did it and punish anyone who says they did it. In fact, the cheaters stole the election. Now, these same cheaters are changing the rules (HR 1) so they can steal any future election. The concept of “one man one vote” only applies to ballot harvesting, illegal aliens and voting machines. Your vote, the conservative vote, gets reversed with the flip of a switch or the depositing of your vote in a dumpster courtesy of the USPS. And even if you catch the Democrats cheating on tape, have thousands of eyewitness affidavits  to the election theft, no blackmailed , or bribed, or blackmailed and bribed judge will ever see the evidence. The permanent fix is in. There is no point in voting, now or ever. The game is hopelessly rigged. Stalin’s rule for elections has been realized as we remember the Democratic Party motto for elections: “I don’t care who votes, I only care who counts the votes.”

Hopium is the belief that your children will have a better life than you, their parents, enjoyed. Your children live in a world dominated by depopulation schemes disguised as medical treatments. Medical science has been abandoned in favor of political ambition. With regard to the covid vaccines, we don’t even engage in animal testing. Human testing will do quite nicely, thank you! We accepted the FDA proclamation in April of 2020, when we were told by the head of the FDA “we will not require third party validation of the covid tests due to the emergency nature of the pandemic.”  Subsequently, anyone with any knowledge of research and statistics will tell you that we do not have a test for covid. The numbers are whatever the Deep State/Democrats say they are. And if we can’t lie everyone into submission, we will lie about the infection rates and covid deaths by incentivizing fraud by paying for each diagnosis and so-called covid death. America, you are living in the matrix and reality is what some globalist planner says it is. From chemtrails, to GMO’s, to covid vaccines, you live in a false reality where our food is not fit to eat, our air is not fit to drink and our medical treatments are killing us over time. Yet, your children will live a better life than you?

Average conservatives are celebrating that we are getting back to normal. The mask mandates are being lifted. Well, there are only two places in Arizona, where the mask mandate has been lifted and those establishments are called churches and gyms. Every other establishment that I see, is still requiring masks. In 2020-21, masks are the J Stamp of Nazi German society that is being created. You have all been tagged. Sixty Percent of small businesses have been destroyed by the unconstitutional actions of government and we did nothing. An election was stolen and we did nothing. You will soon be required to take the vaccine(s) or you will not be able to literally attend anything and we are doing nothing. Ant-vaxxers will soon be the new domestic terrorists and nobody will be left to do anything. The death toll from the vaccines is being obscured although we have strong hints about how bad it is. Yet, America has the hopium at such a level of frenzy, they are rolling up their sleeves faster than the vaccine can arrive.

Do you remember, we were told, just shut down for 15 days to flatten the curve? Then it was Fauci’s proclamation that you should not wear a mask and that they were only for medical personnel. Then, the defacto President Fauci told us that we had to wear a mask and our lives depended on it, despite the fact that the boxes that the masks came in stated that the CDC says that masks won’t stop covid. Then Fauci declared that one mask was not enough. We need to wear two masks, but we had the promise that masks would go away if we would just take an unproven vaccine(s). Now Fauci is saying that it is still necessary to wear a mask in perpetuity even if you had the vaccine. And the sheep of America took their daily dose of hopium and asked for more lies to believe.

Every perversion known to mankind is being championed in this upside-down society. Every sexual act, or state of sexual being is honored with a media-based set of propaganda tools as being the new normal. Bestiality has taken the place of human lust, “normal” sexual activity is the new perversion. Any sexual behavior that does not result in procreation is championed by the depopulation servants of the mainstream media. Your children are fair game for the carnal desires of the elite. If you only think you have to worry about Epstein Island, you are not paying attention. Like China, kids are snatched off the street for their sexual services. The Chinese extract organs, the American elite extract the darkest side of human behavior, sexually abusing a child. Yet, we have consumed enough hopium to believe that our children will have better lives than we the parents have had.

At least the schools are reopening, but to what? In LA, the children may not know how to read and write but their perverted story hours, presented by the most heinous perverts from our species, will tell children, as young as 5 how to perform sex acts and that perversion is good as the LA teachers applaud.

America, you are in a perpetual state of lockdown. Your country is no more. The Constitution is dead on arrival. You have been targeted for elimination but you have a little time left because the elite want to profit on your demise. Yet, come June 1st, Trump will be President again and “Q” will tell us that 65,000 from the Deep State are headed to Gitmo. I need more hopium!

Roll up your sleeves and enjoy your new role as the test subjects for the new vaccines. But don’t worry, things are getting better. Pass the double dose of hopium!