Nobody Is Safe As Justice Is Dead In America


The American people have suffered several mockery of justice event in the past 2.5 years. All of these events would have landed the average American in prison for life or in front of a firing squad.  

In Case You  Haven't Noticed, Criminals Are Running Our Government

First, there was Hillary and 33,000 illegal, national-security-violating emails. Any of which would have jailed you and me for 5 years for each count. That is 165, 000 years that this 4th Degree witch should be serving. Her criminal exploits started with the Arkansas cartel activities and quickly spread to White Water. Then there was the mysterious death of witness McDougal while he was in solitary confinement in prison awaiting to testify against Clinton. Then of course there was Benghazi followed by Uranium One which should have led to her being tried as a traitor for supplying Russians with highly enriched uranium to the Russians. There was the theft of the 2 billion dollars of relief aid by the Clinton Foundation and despite these easily provable transgressions, Hillary has slid in safely home plate on several occasions despite being out by a mile.

There is of course Clinton’s accomplices that have avoided the consequences of their criminal actions. Former and disgraced FBI Director, James Comey, oversaw the criminal money laundering by the Clinton Foundation at HSBC Bank where he served on the governing board. Despite the great efforts of former HSBC Vice-President, John Cruz, who unsuccessfully attempted to bring both to justice, they both continued to get away with their criminal activities. Comey rode his service to the globalists all the way to becoming the most unqualified person, with no law enforcement experience, to ever have served in the White House. Now, he has been exposed for being the modern-day version of J. Edgar Hoover. But Comey has to share that title with Robert Mueller.

Then of course, there was the real master of the Russian-Collusion-Delusion, Robert Mueller. Mueller gives J. Edgar Hoover a run for the dirtiest law enforcement agent in American history. He was well known for keeping murderers in play so long as they gave him information which resulted in him cracking key cases which helped his rise up the career ladder of the FBI. Whitey Bolger was a case in point and he was recently murdered this controversial informant in an attempt to avoid public disclosure. Public disclosure came, but the corrupt legal system failed to properly deal with Mr. Mueller. But perhaps his biggest ignored crime when he was an accomplice with Hillary Clinton in committing the treasonous act of providing our enemies, the Russians, with highly enriched uranium in the infamous Uranium One Affair. In July of 2017, I produced two confirming documents, a State Department Document and a Russian memo which confirmed that “Mr. Russian-Collusion-Delusion delivered highly enriched uranium to the Russians at one of their airports on behalf of the Clinton Foundation. In the 1950’s Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed by the US government for selling nuclear secrets to the Russians.  Mueller and Clinton should suffer the same fate.

No justice for these heinous criminals. Meanwhile you and I live in a society where the police hide in the bushes trying to catch you driving 5 miles per hour over the speed limit. HOA’s will fine you thousands of dollars for not mowing your lawn and IRS waits to pounce on any mistake made on taxes including the loss of home, bank account and freedom. Illegal aliens are released from prison Washington State while American prisoners stay in place. Meanwhile, these identified heinous criminals, whose crimes are numerous and even include murder, are allowed to have their crimes publicly exposed and they are still not prosecuted. Comey even admitted, in an interview with Anderson Cooper that he did leak, excuse me, Comey admitted to “communicating” the classified documents. Have fun paying your parking tickets America while our leaders continue to get away with murder.  

I recently attended a baseball game in the shadows of the Washington Monument. There were two teams playing, the Deep State and the supposed true representatives of the people.

The Baseball Game That Destroyed the Justice System In America

Recently, a mythical baseball game was played. The game had great meaning that extended well beyond the baseball diamond. Let’s join that game in progress.

Dave Hodges here, and I am announcing the game of the century that could ultimately be seen as a turning point in American history.

Attorney General Barr is pitching for the true representatives of the people. At bat, was James Comey the heavy hitter for the Deep State. Leading off of first base is Robert Mueller. Leading off of second base is Hillary Clinton, armed with her walker.

The Deep State is losing but they are threatening in the bottom of ninth inning as they trail 5-3 and there are two outs, but they have the tying runs on first base. The true representatives of the people are on the verge of winning its greatest victory against the Deep State.

Barr winds up and delivers a curve ball to Comey. Comey hits the ball weakly back to the pitcher, Attorney General Barr fields the ball and it should be an easy out. If the Deep State loses, Comey will go to prison followed by Clinton and other Deep Staters.

Inexplicably, Barr hangs on to the ball. The crowd and his teammates are screaming at him to throw the ball to first base and end the game. Barr just stares at Comey as he approaches first base. Hillary is rounding third base on her motorized walker and scores, but the Deep State is still behind a run. Mueller is rounding third and headed home with the tying run. Comey rounds first and heads to second. The “people” are going nuts as Mueller crosses home plate with the tying run. Comey is now approaching third base as criminal facilitator, Barr, is still hanging on to the ball. As Comey crosses third base, Barr drops the ball on the ground and walks off the pitcher’s mound as the people boo at the top of their lungs. Comey crosses home plate and the people lose another game to the Deep State.


And drop the ball, Barr did. There is no justice in America. Our judicial system is a joke. Oh, I know people want to blame the Inspector General. Bullshit, Barr is the AG. He can what he wants legally. Clearly Barr is a Deep State plant, a traitor to the United States. If Trump does not fire Barr, he is one of them.

There is no justice in America for the immoral elite that rule over we “deplorables”. These people are above the law. None of us are safe. Some of have awakened to the fact that we live inside of a very dangerous tyranny where these is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

What do we do? I am contemplating what should be our anticipated course of action. After some contemplation, I am going to make recommendations with regard to a course of action. I can promise you one thing, the gloves are coming off.