Only Those With Closed Eyes and Minds Don't See the Genocide Coming As Biden Threatens America


Joe Biden referred to patriots and pro-Trump supporters as “enemies of the state” in his recent selective joint session of Congress address. This is in line with what we have seen from the extreme groups and individuals within the Democratic Party.

In order to put the Biden Nazi-style-genocidal references to his “enemies of the state” comments, it is very important to look at the same kind of rhetoric from his fellow communists within the emerging Bolshevik Party (aka the Democrats).

As you read the following paragraphs, I would admonish my fellow countrymen to abandon your conditioned state of political correctness. You must be unafraid to offend those in power with your honest evaluation of their character and intentions for the American people. To date, and at every turn, the American people have grossly underestimated the tyrannical threat posed by the Deep State and their minions from the Democratic Party along with their Beijing allies.

A person from Canada, clearly a Candadian official in some capacity, has been sending my unsolicited information regarding the covert intentions of the Canadian government with regard to death camps and planned genocide. His observations are in line with other more public Canadian officials. The person is unidentified, however, their revelations ring true and match the genocidal rhetoric of the Democrats. Here is his most recent statement to me:



There are communist Chinese plans, in conjunction with Canadian civil authorities to take citizens who are arrested as dissidents to such things as the coming mandatory vaccines, and these "offenders" will be taken in specially modified prisoner railroad boxcars to what you would call FEMA death camps already established near the US-Canadian border. The boxcars contain shackles and chains. Have you heard about the detention camp near the border Cut Bank, MT? I guarantee your government knows about this. The prisoners at Cut Bank will be brought to their destination by AMTRAK express line similar to what the Nazis did...


This could be an isolated case, or even a ficticious case. However, as you consider the following, you will surely feel the noose around your neck tightening with each successive revelation. 

Are CHICOM Canadian Concentration Camps Being Prepared for Americans?

As previously reported on the CSS, CHICOM troops are inundating British Colombia with the permission of Trudeau who says that the CHICOMS have a right to defend their interests on Canadian soil. 

The above-mentioned event coincides with members of the Canadian government challenging Trudeau's intent to build covid-19 "isolation centers" in Canada to house suspected Covid patients. This has led to Canadian elected officials to challenge the true intent of what is really going in Canada as evidenced by the following: 


Following MP Hiller getting his mic cut off, he made the following statement:

The Premier has been actively dodging my questions since July. Today was just another example of the new status quo in Queen’s Park, no response. After this exchange I’m not even sure if the Premier and his Cabinet know what's going on regarding the Federal government considering the expansion of isolation/quarantine facilities from coast to coast. The language in the RFI is overly broad and ambiguous, and we ought to have clarification on the purpose of these isolation/quarantine facilities. I asked clear and precise questions about the Federal government's tendering for “isolation/quarantine camps” in Ontario.

Where will they be,

how many will there be,

and how many people will be housed?

The Government House Leader suggests these are for “international travellers”, however the RFP says “public health and other related federal requirements associated with the COVID-19 pandemic response.” My question on the purpose was cut short and once again the government refused to give an answer. Why won't they answer? It seems to me they aren't even aware of these proposals.


The above-revelation certainly places this issue in the realm of public reporting and it makes the covert emails I have been receiving much more believable.

America you should be afraid, very afraid, because everyone from Michelle Obama to Kamala Harris to AOC have said the same thing, “Trump supporters must never be allowed to rise again.” When Demented Joe comes after your guns, your cars and the rest of your fortunes, America will finally awaken from their slumber, but it will be too little, too late and the greatest purge in history will take place. The Great American Purge will make the French Revolution look like a birthday party. The purge will be on a level only witnessed by Mao in the Great Chinese Cultural Revolution. The Deagel Report tells us all we need to know that over 200 million Americans will perish. The only satisfaction that we in the know will feel is that we will share the execution chambers with the likes of Kemp, AOC, Pelosi, et al., as we are prepared “to lose our heads” because the CHICOMS don’t protect “Brown Shirts.”

Historical parallels to the present state of affairs is strongly suggestive of the fact that a definitive genocide is coming and based on current rhetoric, that genocide will be directed at Whites, conservatives, pro-constitutionalists, pro-Second Amendment supporters and of course, faith-based Christians. Based on the undeniable parallels, it is incumbent upon the American people to answer the question: Why did millions of Jews in Europe go passively to the camps and then to their deaths? Will Americans follow this familiar of history of acquiescing to a genocidal threat.


Do you remember when this went out to Trump donators and supporters last summer?



It would appear that America has been sufficiently warned, but who's listening? Today, America has witnessed Nancy Pelosi engaged in Nazi pre-genocidal speech of "enemies within." Kamala Harris, AOC and Michelle Obama have threatened to put Trump supporters, Second Amendment advocates, and Constitutionalists on lists and never let them rise again. Also, after the stolen election, anyone speaking against the biggest crime in this country's history, needed to be "deprogrammed" and "re-educated" and this is clearly pre-genocidal speech and it is time that you take these despots at their word! This is how it started in Nazi Germany and this is how it is ending in America.