Red Alert! America's Last Chance: The President Must Immediately Declare the Insurrection Act and Seize Control of All Vote Counting

chinese marines

America has been invaded by enemies both foreign and domestic. This article is the modern day equivalent to the Thomas Paine's Common Sense demand to stand up to our invaders and repulse them from our nation.

The election results, the cheating results have become the line in the sand in America. There are two positions to consider:

The Left will resume rioting, looting and murder if the recounts begin to turn away from Biden to Trump. There is nothing the Left will not do to overthrow out Constitutional Republic. They have employed machines that are in question. By the way, the servers have been seized by the US Military! Republican poll watchers were prevented from doing their job. Ballots for Biden were  accepted after legal deadlines. In Pennsylvania, court orders to toss late, or unconfirmed ballots are being ignored. Incomplete ballots are still be filled out 10 days after the election. In Arizona, 14,000+ ballots must be tossed because the identity and citizenship of the voters cannot be confirmed. Gov. Ducey, a Democrat in drag, and the criminal, Maricopa County Recorder, Adrian "Sharpie" Fontes, both refuse to follow the law. Biden leads in Arizona by only 12,000 votes. This event is an election changer. We will be exposing Fontes in a later article. The entire Republican machine in AZ is criminal. AZ Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, is blocking legitimate attempts to have a recount in which the threshold has been met. Four days ago, she referred to Trump as a Nazi in a tweet. Democratic Sheriff, Paul Penzone, threatened to arrest all conservatives who were voicing objections to the fraud of Fontes and colleagues, with arrests. None of the participants broke any law. However, this was the same sheriff who allowed BLM and Antifa to burn down primarily minority businesses last spring with impunity. The governor, "conflict of interest Doug Ducey" is on the board of T-GEN. T-Gen is partnered with the largest testing agent in Arizona (Sonoran Quest Labs) and with the vaccine industry. A stroke of Governor Conflict of interest moves billions of dollars. Trump is not in favor of mandatory vaccines. This position would impact anyone with an official relationship with T-Gen. Ladies and Gentlemen. I have just informed you of why Arizona is being stolen from Trump. In a future article, we will reveal what State Senator Farnsworth has tried to warn up about with Republican officials tied to child-sex-trafficking and then he was threatened with murder for speaking out against state-sponsored child sex trafficking by CPS. 

I tell the AZ story in detail because of what is going on all across the country. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, California, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Virginia et all officials have all run interference for child-sex-trafficking. Trump is their enemy as he has relentlessly opposed such activities by the criminal Left. Along with cartel affiliation, it child sex trafficking is quickly becoming the dominant and emerging theme in this election, along with opposing anyone who is not on board with mandatory vaccines, which Trump is not! 

Do you remember when Pelosi and Clinton told Biden not to concede for any reason. They knew the voting machines would help them. They know ballot stuffing would be rigged to take away any lead Trump might have in the wee hours of the morning, which is exactly what just happened. Her is the recollection of what Pelosi and Clinton said to Biden as reported in the mainstream media. 

The CSS is calling on Trump to never concede until each and every vote cast in the 2020 election is verified. We do not care how long it takes. Hell can freeze over before we should let the Left commit a coup against every law-abiding America. 

The violence and illegal activity have become so bad, that on October 1, 2020, the CSS reported that groups associated with George Soros groups were doxxing Trump campaign supporters. Two of my neighbors were on that list and I had the nasty task of notifying them. 

Doxxing has gone to a new level. One of the President's legal teams working for him to uncover election fraud in Pennsylvania has been intimidated into quitting. The Lincoln Project has allegedly doxxed and threatened to do more to the lawyers and their families if they continued with their work. Why are not the RICO statutes being enforced?

In order that 70% of Americans that voted for Trump cannot stay in the streets and demand justice a second lock down is now underway.And despite judicial orders against Whitmer, Newsom, Evers, etc, these enemies of the Republic are ignoring court orders to cease and desist with lock downs and are continuing with the same in defiance of binding court orders. 

Why is a second lock down needed? Simple, conservative Americans are not going to allow this fraud of an election to stand. People cannot protest from their home. Bolshevik Fauci has now issued a formal declaration to tell Americans to "do what they are told" so they cannot protest. 

The fake practices to elevate the COVID numbers are being employed to falsely elevate the numbers. Paying federal money for COVID deaths and diagnoses are being offered. Pneumonia patients are being diagnosed with COVID without confirming tests. Speaking of tests, Elon Musk was tested 4 time at a testing center and he received 2 positive test results along with his 2 negative tests. The fix is in and this is nothing but another Fauci fraud. 

Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and Canada have all introduced the idea of "isolating" anyone with COVID. Celeste Solom and myself have talked about this was coming since 2014, with HHS and the UN's medical martial law camps. Now, there is one additional element. They are isolating anyone they feel has been exposed to COVID, which is about everyone. This means that the exposed will not have anything to do with COVID, and it will have everything to do with putting away resisters.

The CSS has never stood for anything but peaceful change. However, there are two Biblical exceptions to nonviolence: (1) Invasion of one's home; and, (2) An invasion of one's country. 

Communist forces, previously associated with Democratic Party leadership, who are associated with Ukraine, China, Iran and various cartel organizations have stolen the 2020 election. They should be considered to be an invading force. Their operatives, loyal to Biden and Harris, have struck a secret deal with Canadian and Communist Chinese forces to house each other's political prisoners. This needs to be resisted with all force necessary. America needs to call on Trump to enforce the Insurrection Act and then every able bodied patriot needs to assist in the effort. I will not accept Biden-Harris without a total, two-party recount. As far as the allegations contained in this final paragraph, there is more to come. 

Do you see the Chinese marines in the cover photo? Take a long look because they will be brought in by Harris to enforce gun control as well as eliminating all who will not conform. Our documents say Christians are at the top of the list!

This is America's last chance to survive. As Sun Tzu would say, we have been put on death's ground. We either fight and win, or we will surely perish.