Schweizer: Biden China ties are like if Reagans, Carters took money from KGB-linked businessmen during Cold War



by Ian Hanchett

After host Tucker Carlson introduced him as “probably the most talented digger into information like this in the United States,” Schweizer said, “If you look at the nexus of these financial ties that the Bidens have with China, you have to go back to the Chinese state and you also have to go back to Chinese intelligence. … So, when you’re talking about money coming from China to the Bidens or you’re talking about concerns about classified records, when you’re concerned about what did the Bidens actually do in return for that money, these are all very serious and legitimate questions that I don’t have much confidence at all that the Department of Justice is going to look into.”

Carlson then asked, “It just seems so obvious. I mean, these dots really do connect, and again, I have confidence in no one more than you in getting to the bottom of complex, money-related stories, but is there any doubt that what looks like was going on was actually going on?”

Schweizer responded, Yeah, I mean, Tucker, you and I both went through the Cold War — at least the 1980s, imagine if Ronald Reagan’s family or Jimmy Carter’s family took tens of millions of dollars from Russian businessmen linked to the KGB, would there be any question at all that this requires [a] serious investigation? Instead, what we’re getting from a lot of people is, well, you can’t prove that a crime was being committed, it’s an absurd standard. It needs to be looked at.”

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