Should Red States Block Federal Agencies From Operating With Impunity? Blue States Do It


 By Brandon Smith   ALT MARKET

It's not anything new. Any operations by DHS and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) within blue states to arrest and deport illegal immigrants are often met with aggressive resistance by Democrat run city governments.

Keep in mind that foreign individuals have no right under the constitution to reside in the US without first gaining citizenship. Leftists say they don't care and are happy to welcome millions of illegals into the country with open arms in direct violation of laws protecting our borders as well as the stability of our economy and society. They do this NOT because they are naively humanitarian; rather, they see it as a means to import a massive voting block that will give leftists whatever they want because they believe they will get citizenship in exchange.

If they didn't want millions of illegal votes, then Democrats would not be constantly attempting to block voter ID laws.

Obviously, the political left is openly hostile to federal agencies when those agencies happen to obstruct their agenda. Though it's rare these days for blue states and the feds to be at odds, it does happen. ICE and other agencies might try to find ways around sanctuary status, but there is never any question of "treason" or "insurrection." Blue state politicians don't get raided or arrested as national enemies.


I bring up this issue because many readers have asked me to comment on the events at Mar-a-Lago and the FBI search of Donald Trump’s home. From the information I have seen, every president in history has been given access to classified information after they leave the White House, especially if they are planning to run for office again. One can debate the merits of this policy, but it is a policy just the same. Presidents also have sweeping authority to declassify documents and information when they feel it is justified. Meaning, if documents were found in Trump’s possession, it’s completely plausible that he simply declassified them before taking them.

The main leftist position is more about the nuances of how the documents are stored and if Trump followed proper procedures through NARA. While the secondary argument by leftists is basically that Trump is a criminal and should not be allowed the same access as other presidents (though impeachment failed and he has never been criminally charged). Until the information on the raid is unsealed we really have no idea if Trump actually had any dangerous or top secret documents in his possession. It’s all hypothetical at this point and the progressive media is running wild with the story simply because they hate Trump and are hoping against hope that this event will stop him from running for office in 2024, where Biden would be easily crushed.