The Sins of the Leaders Are Being Revealed As They Engage In Every Imaginable Depravity! Will Humanity Rise Up?



We are all covid weary and tired of a leaders corruption. As Steve Quayle has said, the sins of the leaders will be revealed and there has been a lot of revealing. However, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. Either way, it is my hope that you will put on the armor of God and do your part.

About 18 months ago, my former News Director and myself went to a conference in Phoenix. One of the panelists was Richard Sauder. He did an outstanding job discussing what is going in underground bases. The experience is eye opening to say the least.

Richard writes to me on an infrequent basis and critiques and adds to what I am exposing. His knowledge is impressive and his thoughts are uncensored and actually serve to offend some people.  I find Richard to be informed and willing to share the uncensored truth. Yesterday, I published an article which, in part, exposed top Arizona officials as being complicit in child-sex-trafficking. As usual, Richard had much to say to me. I think it is important enough to share with the readers.

From Richard Sauder:

In Arizona, in Texas, in Oklahoma. Everywhere. There are multiple

Federal and state agencies involved, scads of judges, law enforcement

personnel, bureaucrats, "charitable" organizations, secret societies,

Satanists, the USSA military, financial institutions, bus lines and

airlines, limo services, medical doctors, etc.


It's a huge operation. The USSA is a demonic, Satanic hell pit.


Those who hope for the USSA military to intervene and put all of this

right are snorting pure Hopium! The military agencies are heavily

involved in all of this. That's one of the reasons for the endless

wars: to generate large numbers of lost, stranded orphans, helpless

children. Get it?


But it's not only children. Here in Ecuador there are many

"disappeared" people of all ages, ethnicities and genders, and not

just young children.


Teenagers, young adults, middle aged people, doddering old men and

women. Poof! They regularly disappear. I see the missing persons

fliers pasted on utility poles and bus stops.


What happens to them? Adrenochrome harvesting? Organ harvesting?

Satanic sacrifices? Cannibalism? Alien Reptilian banquets? Pimped out

to the flesh trade? Slaves in underground bases? Slaves on secret

space program bases on the Moon or Mars?


Is something else so demented going on that it wouldn't even occur to

the likes of you and me?


We're in a satanic, bizarro world. Those who hope for the police or

the military to put a stop to it are not clear on the concept that the

police and the military know about these things, and at best look the

other way, or at worst, are deeply involved. This has to be true in

Ecuador, and also has to be true in the USSA.


The so-called "authorities" are in up to their ears in this demonic business.


We're waaaaay past the point of voting for other candidates or sending

e-mails to Congress critters. The politicians are in on it. It's like

texting Satan to tell him that Hell is an evil place. He already knows

that. Hell is an evil place, because he wants it to be an evil place,

and he prefers it that way.


Either people find it within themselves to start committing

principled, civil disobedience or else things will get worse and worse

and worse. Yeah, when you do that you might go to jail, that's right.

And you'll find out what your tax dollars have supported. Hint: it

ain't pretty.


The military for the most part are not on your side! Huge numbers of

cops are not on your side! The courts are criminally corrupt! The

attorneys -- well, don't get me started.


In past years I repeatedly committed nonviolent, civil disobedience.

I've spent a lot of time in a dozen different jails and prisons in 5

different states for having done that.


I faced a lot of abuse for doing that: from judges, cops, prison and

jail inmates, ordinary people, the FBI, some people in the so-called

"alternative" truth movement, and more.


You know what? -- either a lot of USSAers put on their big boy pants

and big girl bloomers, or whatever, and stand up to the dictatorship

-- or they don't!


And don't tell me to come back and show the way. I already have, very

publicly! Again and again and again and again and again. I've already

proven my mettle. Now it's time for all those who criticized me for

years to demonstrate if they any balls, or if they only have courage

when they're kicking Richard Sauder when he's already down and being

carted away in handcuffs.


best regards,

Richard Sauder


 As if Richard’s pronouncements were not distressing enough, I received the following communication to the same article from a DEA source I have known and have drawn inside information from for the past 7 years.


Dear Dave,

Many of our discussions in the past have centered on the marriage between Middle East terrorists and the cartels and how they have been jointly trained and aligned for future use against the United States. The drug empires are certainly part of this business model. However, there is something that you and me have not talked much about and it is the trafficking issue.

The situation at the border is so bad that the present administration is doing their best to hide what is going on. What is going on is the importation of paramilitary personnel who will ultimately serve China through their cartel associations. Along with this changing business model is trafficking issue. Drugs and trafficking is being used to finance much of the operational costs of this silent invasion of America. Make no mistake about it Dave, if I know this so does the Biden administration. This is the intentional and deliberate destruction of our society by flooding the country with inexpensive drugs. Additionally, we are being set up for large scale paramilitary operations in conjunction with Antifa. At the field level, all of our operatives are aware of this. However, we are powerless to reverse the situation. 

I remember 7 years ago, I told you how the Obama administration allowed major cartel figures free and unfettered access to traveling to America. Today, this operation has become similar to a multinational corporation with subsidiaries. America is overrun with sophisticated drug empires, trafficking rings and paramilitary readiness....

I would like to say that I have access to privileged information. Although it is true that the public does not have access to what I have told and we have previously discussed this. However, if I know, my supervisors know and so do agents and officers in other federal and state agencies. Buyoffs and blackmails are all part of the new America. The segmenting of criminal activity reminds me of Amway, however, they are selling much more serious items.

Having presented the accurate doom and gloom of Richard and my DEA source, I can truthfully say hope springs eternal and help is on the way. Trump is starting his own social media platform. Additionally, there is a new application of an old technology (satellite phones) that is about to turn Big Tech on its ear.

Freedom is like water and seeks its own level.  We are going to need this spirit because the power-of the Holy Spirit has his hands on providing his people with alternatives and options.

I have had some passing interest in March Madness and some very improbably upsets have taken place. And in the most extreme and surprising games, Loyola of Chicago and Oral Roberts have emerged to move on to the so-called and prestigious Sweet 16. This is usually reserved for the elite teams that come from “woke” educational institutions. Now here is the interesting point, Loyola and Oral Roberts are CHRISTIAN universities. Personally, I viewed this as a message from the Lord which reminds us that he is in control.  I would urge everyone to pray for divine intervention with regard to this crazy world. Or at least pray that the Lord gives you the strength and wisdom to do what is necessary.