The Six Stage Plan To Destroy America Has Just Entered Stage Two

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Based upon years of research, analyzing historical parallels and forming cohesive models of revolution, I began to formulate the notion that America was headed for a date with destiny. I called it the TET Offensive and I predicted, as long as 7 years ago, that this would be our undoing.

We are following in the pattern of so many regime change schemes that have operated with great success in places like the Bolshevik Revolution.

This article analyzes the plot presently in play designed to destroy America and everyone in it.  

The following model is based upon 6 overlapping stages that most iillegal regime schemes follow. 

Stage One: Destroy the Economy

An economic collapse event almost always predates regime change. Out of chaos comes order typifies the thinking. The populace has to be rendered helpless. Essential resources must be in short supply in order to make the people dependent upon the new ruling class. Recently, a number of the preconditions have been introduced into the United States. The COVID-19 lockdown destroyed the economy. It significantly diminished the ability of the military to maintain a long-term fight against a numerically superior opponent such as Communist China. We have lost the ability transition our peace time industries into wartime production because the peacetime industries are largely in ruin due to the "overkill" lockdown.

Further, it is clear that the revolutionary regime is going to use artificially generated food scarcity as a weapon. The CSS has doumented how 19 food processing plants have been rendered inactive by using COVID-19 infections as the excuse. There has been no attempt to keep these critical plants open so food could reach our tables. This is deliberate. Consequently, farmers and ranchers have been forced to destroy millions of cattle, poultry and are dumping large volumes of milk because they can get the products to market. In addition, the Wuhan Flu destroyed the food chain supplies. We are now eating yesterday's harvest.  All across the country, we are beginning to see the effects of food inflation, supply purchase limitations and outright shortages. Extreme famine and food dependency upon the government is in our immediate future, by design. 

Let's not forget our debt has skyrocketed over $10 trillion. One-third of the country is unemployed. Five million mortgage payments will not be paid this month. This will profoundly destabilize the banks. How long can the Federal Reserve continue to infuse cash into the Stock Market before it crashes?   

Stage One has achieved its goal of creating extreme economing instability which makes our present ruling authority as well as the people vulnerable. "Viva la Revolution, come raise hell and get yourself some. Welcome to the creation of the looting mentality". This is typical George Soros and his strategy of regime change in which the plan is getting the poor to buy into getting something for nothing is key to producing the numbers needed to effect regime change. 

Stage Two: Plunge the Country Into Total Chaos

As Stage One has somewhat relaxed its grip, it is time to introduce Stage Two in which an ongoing total state of chaos is introduced in order to maintain and worsen the impact of Stage One. In this instance, the race card got played. Domestic terrorists were organized by Soros and awaited the right event and George Floyd's tragic death provided the excuse to roll out domestic terrorists under the control of George Soros. This event, in America, is reminiscent of what Soros did in the Arab Spring of 2011 in which he toppled one government after another following this plan. 

The strategy of this stage is divide and conquer. In this instance, it is black vs. white. Also, this gives the government the opportunity to regain control that they were beginning to lose from theloosening of COVID restrictions. The mostly Democratic governors prevent the police from arresting looters and then this let the chaos spread. Then the governors impose martial law and regain control over all the people while most of the looters run free. 

Stage Three: Death Squads and Mass Casualty events

There has never been a reovolution that did not use death squads. False flag attacks become the strategy of the day as well. These events drive a stake into the heart of the economy and render a comeback impossible. We are about ready to find out why the Democrats wanted totally open borders as opposed to implementing reasonable immigration policies. 

There are an estimated 1.3 million terrrorists in America. These sleeper cells have been awaiting the activation call. As the race war of Stage Two begins to fade in intensity, it will be time to drive up the intensity. In Pre-Nazi Germany, that mean burning down the Reichstag. In America, all targets are on the table.

According to my Border Patrol sources, MS-13 was let into this country in 2014-15 during the height of the last immigration crisis. MS-13, in Central America, plays the exclusive role of assassins for public figures who do not bend to the will of the cartels. They were brought here for the same reason. We will soon see political hits on media figures, corporate executives and key opposition politicians. At this point, living in America will be a lot like living through the hell of the Bosnian Civil War. Most Americans cannot fathom how bad it will get. 

Hamas, ISIS and all the other terrorist groups are here in great numbers. These forces were jointly trained at paramilitary base camps in El Salvador and Honduras in paramilitary and terrorist tactics prior to coming the United States. This event has been covered from multiple perspectives on the CSS. This means that soon, we will see IED's on federal buildings in the spirit of the Oklahoma City bombings. It will mean mass execution of white people in malls and at sporting events as well concerts as they happen. Paul Preston had an embedded source at the CALEXIT meetings in which this was discussed and planned. 

The net effect of this stage is to promote the conflict necessary in order to give the United Nations the justification to enter American soil with foreign troops, under the Kigali Principles, and subjugate our government. We are already seeing this in Stage One as the UN has repeatedly warned the US about the killing of unarmed black Americans.The UN is already posturing. Obama signed the US into the Kigali Principles in the lame duck period of December of 2016. This plan has been in effect for sometime. 

It will be at the time of the UN forced intervention, we will find out about the loyalties of the various branches to the Republic or the globalist regime. In today's climate I would say that the Army and Air Force and all the intelligence agencies would side with the UN. The Marines and the Navy, especially the nuclear submarine fleet will likely protect the American people. This will be the beginning of the true civil war. Your personal M-16 will make no difference. Armies will decide the fate of this country. 

Stage Four: CHICOM Genocide

If the Civil War is not effective in producing an overthrow of the government and I have strong reasons to believe that the UN and their allies will fail. A weakened America will face the possiblity of a bioweapons attack with race-specific agents. Last July, I wrote a 5 part series on these plans as the last 3 Chinese Defense Ministers, the last being Wei Fenghe, bragged about doing this very thing. 

No bioweapon attack will be totally successful. However, only a shell of America will remain.

Stage Five: The Red Dawn Invasion

The CHICOM led Red Dawn invasion will commence. The CHICOMS and their Latin American allies will enact genocide on the American people. As Wei Fenghe has stated, "we are not interested in joint occupancy of the United States. We need the Americans resources and we will not share with any Americans." Wei Fenghe stated that race-specific bioweapons are needed and will be employed and this will make the military occupation have an easy time of subjugating the United States. Did I mention that the CHICOMS will not be taking prisoners?

Stage Six: Contingency Plans

By some miracle if the United States were to survive, the next phase includes adopting a domestic terror approach to killing Americans by a "death of 1000 cuts". We will never know peace again. The Democratic leadership is on board with every aspect of this. I believe at this point a world war will be started to wipe out America once and for all. 


As the old saying goes, "freedom is not free." The main agent that has allowed for the pre-positioning of these forces has come directly from the open borders approach of the Democrats (eg Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, etc).  The American people allowed this to happen. The only remaining question is whether, or not, we have the resillience to meet fire with fire. The jury is out on this because we have become such a soft nation.