State fights back against China's push to buy up America's farms


  By Bob Unruh

Lawmakers in one state are working to ban China – or any other foreign adversary – from buying up farms and other agricultural land.

It's a move that seems to be winning the support of many Americans, when those farms are near military bases.

The Epoch Times reports the agenda is advancing in Virginia, where a plan approved by both the House of Delegates and the Senate will ban the sales of those properties to foreign adversaries.

Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin is expected to sign the ban that's been one of his agenda items for some time already.

"Virginians – not the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] – should own the rich and vibrant agricultural lands God has blessed us with. That is why I am asking the General Assembly to send me a bill to prohibit dangerous foreign entities tied to the CCP from purchasing Virginia farmland," he said in a State of the Commonwealth at the beginning of the legislative session.

"The stakes are too high, and the consequences are too great."

The Times report also noted the law would require the state Agriculture and Consumer Services department to report annually on land ownership by foreigners.

"Virginia's definition of foreign adversaries follows the Department of Commerce's designation. Along with China, the current list also includes Cuba, Russia, North Korea, and a Venezuelan politician," the report said.

An estimated 14,000 acres of Virginia farms already are owned by China, the report said.

The report noted about two dozen states have no restrictions on foreign ownership of agricultural land.