Suvival Expert Robert Griswold Describes How to Survive In a Conquered America-This Is a Must Listen Interview!!!


I recently interviewed two of the premiere survival experts in the country, namely, Bob Griswold, from Ready Made Resources. The second survivalist expert is a professional we call “Wrecker” who is a former combat veteran and a current federal law enforcement officer.

This is the first of two parts of a series which answers the question, how do I survive in the new of normal which is a thinly veiled globalist takeover of the United States. In fact, the Secretary General just stated that the goal of the COVID-19 crisis is the deindustrialization of the West and the introduction of widespread green energy.

Both of these interviews were conducted in advance of the UN Secretary General’s globalist-inspired comments. However, both experts comments applied direct to this globalist proclamation.

In Part One of this, the interview I conducted with Bob Griswold, and the subsequent analysis is presented. In Part Two, the interview with “Wrecker” will be presented, along with an analysis. Subsequently, the position statements of both experts will be compared in Part Two.

Robert Griswold and “Fourth Generation Welfare”

Effectively, America is well down the road of being conquered. However, the lines between war and peace as well as civilian and combatant are blurred. Because the bodies are not piling up, more people fail to recognize where they are at in history. America is in the most dire state in its entire history.

The food supply is in the process of collapsing. Farmers are actually being paid to destroy their crops. Artificial shortages are being created. We are also seeing this phenomena with the closure of 17 meat packing plants to date. Pork and meat are on the edge of hyperinflation which will be followed by unavailability. The purpose is to use food as a weapon in order to gain wide-spread compliance to dictatorial edicts and it is working. Griswold believes that ration cards are not far off. Along those line, the UN recently said that there will be famines of “Biblical proportions”. Can you imagine living in a country where the government issues ration cards to soon be in use in which the government will get to exercise control over how much someone eats and what they eat. At this point in the interview, Griswold asked me a question: “When the government takes power away from the people, when do they give that power back?” The answer, of course is never!

Bob Griswold expects to see communication taken away from the masses. He notes that the internet has significantly lowered it bandwidth. He believes that the shutdown of cell service is not far behind. In the face of ever-worsening conditions, the government cannot allowed discontented citizens to congregate. Griswold says that this is the motivation for closing the churches, because church is where many go to share ideals, hopes, dreams and fears. Griswold says Americans acquire communications now. Shortwave radio is the most direct means for staying in touch with other people during a communications blackout.

In the following interview, you will hear Griswold talk about the importance for people to engage in self-improvement. Self-improvement encapsulates spiritual growth, psychological growth (eg developing a spirit of resilience), acquire new skills (eg canning, gardening).

Welcome to the new normal where we are seeing citizens jailed for exercising their constitutional rights!

We have listed some of the challenges covered in the following interview, now listen to the interview as Bob Griswold presents some solutions as well. Do you have what it takes to survive in the new normal?

There is much more to this interview that is available in the following format. Also, Bob Griswold is a speaker at the upcoming GEN SIX virutal conference. Online tickets can be obtained by clicking this link