Sweet Dreams America, the Pre-Tribulation Nightmare Is Almost Over


You live in a country in which an election was stolen, and even with irrefutable proof as seen on television, there is a complete denial and blackout on the truth. The election fraud was largely the result of the unholy alliance between the Democratic Party, the Communist Chinese Party, select corporate interests as well as the media outlets and big tech interests that they control, in addition to their Deep State allies. Mix in Republicans like Pence, Romney, McConnell and the crew of Pelosi, madame Harris, and the 5th floor dementia ward of any hospital, you have key players of the coup that was just perpetrated upon the people of America.

The 2020 election was not even a competitive election. It was a massacre and Trump won. Everyone knows it and the men, who have degenerated into soy boys, are to afraid to say it because they might get cancelled.

This country is descending into the pits of hell. Satan’s servants are rearing their ugly heads and wreaking havoc on the country. Biden illegally cancelled lawful Keystone Pipeline contract and the spinoff effect destroyed 42,000 jobs. Despite campaign promises to the contrary, the Dementia administration is going after fracking and all other forms of energy production so that none of us can afford to drive our cars. Keep in mind that Biden’s handlers are just getting started and they are not handicapped by dementia or sexual addiction.

Fauci continues to spew covid fear without any proof or data. I have to get out more often because I am failing to see the covid bodies in the streets. But I do see bodies in the New York nursing homes. This even teaches us that we should not fear covid, but the Democrats, like Cuomo, who profit from the over-exaggeration of this event. Of course, when the federal government, courtesy of Fauci’s insistence of the introduction of  incentivized fraud by paying for each covid diagnosis and alleged death, the reported rate, but the not the real rate of covid death, escalates dramatically and fictitiously. This is how gun shot wounds to the head becomes death by covid. And the mainstream media has failed to grasp the advanced concept of comorbidity. Oh, they understand comorbidity when it comes to the flu-related-deaths. But substitute the word covid for flu and comorbidity ceases to exist as a medical concept.Speaking of the flu, where has the flu gone? In Maricopa County, AZ., the incidence of flu has declined 93%.The people are told that mandatory vaccines are coming but that they will still have socially distance, wear at least 2 facemasks, have their civil liberties obliterated, Christian churches are still illegally discriminated against, schools are becoming dissemination centers for perversion and Satanic behavior and this is just the beginning. Why bother taking the vaccine, there is no advantage except to those behind the event. By the way, where are the animal trials for the vaccines? There aren't any, you are the animal, the guinea pig. This is how much the power brokers truly love you. 

Gas prices are escalating at an exponential rate and the people are silent. The overt attack on all White people, solely based on skin color continues unabated. White children are being taught to hate themselves because of skin color and that they and all other White people should be willing to pay reparations to nonwhites for crimes that they never committed. Even Dr. Seuss has posthumously been put on trial and convicted in absentia of racism.

There is no shortage of attacks upon White people, but when it comes to attacks upon the Congressional grounds on January 6th, federal authorities could not even pinpoint ONE Antifa false flag agitator despite photographic evidence to the contrary. America lives in the land of virtual reality where reality is controlled by the controllers of the media. The controllers of the media have made it clear what they desire for the common man. Ted Turner, the creator of all the Turner broadcast outlets including biggest purveyor of fiction on the planet in the name of CNN, has called for forcibly depopulating the planet by 90% in an interview in Audubon Magazine. He is not alone as the Turner types have made their transhumanist aspirations known.

One has to hand it to the Deep State, they have done a marvelously effective job dumbing and numbing down America. IF ONLY ONE OF THESE EVENTS WERE TRUE, IT SHOULD BE CAUSE FOR THE PUBLIC TO TAKE TO THE STREETS. Yet, there are no meaningful actions, only the occasional noise coming from the controlled opposition at Fox News.

Regardless of the culture, the religion and the nation, most human beings, approximately 90%, just want to have enough to eat, spend time with friends and family, worship as they please, and have their government stay out of their lives. But as we are discovering, there those that just want to be left alone, and there are those who just won’t leave them alone.

This is a series on the psychological warfare being waged against the people, the average people, the people who just want to be left alone and who pose no threat to anyone. However, the trend curve is obvious. The direction that the globalists, or more accurately, the satanic transhumanists and all their minions are taking the plane is to a very dark place. To put it simply, we are talking about the tribulation.

Perhaps I have your attention and have captured your attention with regard to why people are not collectively in the streets ridding humanity of these demons of death. I have covered these reasons before, but just like a good covid vaccination shot, a booster shot is in order. Stay tuned if I have captured your attention. If not, that is OK, perhaps the best way to die is to do so in one’s sleep. However, I don’t think Satan’s servants are going to be on board with death by slumbering. Where’s the perverted joy in that. We know they love fear, just ask children in bondage. Perhaps you want to come back to tomorrow as  you learn the psychological tricks keeping paralyzed and unable to act in your own self-defense.