There Are Scientific Reasons Why Your Prayers and Words of Knowlege Are Warning You About Extreme Dangers Coming Your Way


Are you receiving strong feelings of impending doom in the world, for our country and even for your community? If you are, this is not necessarily a sign of paranoia. In laymen’s terms, paranoia is defined as the “perception of a threat, when none exists.” There is also the reasonable person standard  that gets applied to this concept and it asks the mental health status question, “Would most people perceive a threat in the same situation?”  Today, many people are panicked and this sheer paranoia and accompanying sense of panic is exhibiting itself in many of our buying habits.

In recent days, we have experienced an unusual with toilet paper. Violence has even broken out with regard to possessing the limited supply of toilet paper. Why? The short answer is that people are panicked like they have never been before. Has the country/world just gone crazy? Science suggests that they may be a reason why so many in the country are panicked.

I have also received many individual perceptions that catastrophic doom is right around the corner and that the Trump administration knows this and they are covering this up. In my 17 years in the alt media, I have covered many major events, some with the potential for a huge loss of life. Yet, I have never seen people panicked to this level. Can science predict this as well and the answer, again, is yes! Certain studies at worst demonstrate what we are feeling is predictive of approaching doom. And some studies clearly demonstrate that humans have an innate ability, far beyond the laws of chance and random guessing, to predict when they are in danger in proximity to the time and place of the threat.  This article will walk through “God’s science” which shows that there is a scientific nature to the phenomenon of the validity of prayer and words of knowledge from God from a variety of experiments.

This article will deal with this topic on a scientific basis and lend credence that when people are saying that we are in danger like we never have collectively been before, they are probably correct. My prayer life and my subtle intuitions, which I have chosen to ascribe to the Lord, tells me we are facing a time like mankind has never faced since Noah’s Flood. I am going to expose the research that shows that Christians and their predictive feelings are not to be scorned and laughed at. But first, I need to expose some very real scientific fraud that is an attempt to keep us from understanding what we are dealing with.

The Deep State and Their Attempts to Use Scientific Fraud to Deceive the Public

The Deep State is using pseudoscience to deceive the American public regarding the scope and nature of the Coronavirus. Recently, I wrote a scathing review of Fauci et al’s so-called research on CV-19, which was not really research at all. I engaged in an attempt to reproduce my rebuke of Fauci in laymen’s terms regarding the glaring oversights in their report in the New England Journal of Medicine. Although I reduced my analysis down to the level of the average person, in order that the average person, with little to no research background, could understand how Fauci and his Deep State allies are purposely trying to deceive the public. The point is that when I discuss concepts such as face validity and levels of significance as well as replicability of research standards, I am engaging in a highly evolved technical discussion. And Fauci’s research was a mockery of the scientific method. Why? What are they hiding? In order to answer that question, I need to educate people on the nature of information transfer.

Information Transfer (eg Words of Knowledge from the Lord) Is Very Common and Does Not Always Involve the Five Senses

There is one aspect of information research that is pertinent to any discussion regarding our present state of affairs. Generally, research is divided up between what we call quantitative and qualitative research. Quantitative deals exclusively with correlations and the scientific method (eg double blind strategies, control and experimental groups, random selection of subjects, etc.). On the other hand, qualitative research is often described as descriptive as it provides a detailed narrative of a researched phenomenon. Unfortunately, qualitative research is often looked down upon by many in the scientific community who have made their reputation based upon data and statistics. However, there are highly evolved strategies that are applied in qualitative research,  that in layman terms, seek to understand the coherent nature and direction of the discovery of evolving sets of information on a topic. According to the Bible, the Lord most often communicates with people based upon symbols, signs and words of knowledge that frequently seem to magically and suddenly appear. Please keep in mind there is no such thing as magic. Magic is science that has yet to be discovered and applied.

The qualitative strategies is the building of a model with themes and the discovery of a distinct emphasis on the direction of discovered information. This is often what intelligence analysts engage in when they are compiling known information. Once intel operatives build these models and then they seek to confirm with as much quantitative information as possible. However, in university research, the qualitative is often ignored. This is the number one reason that I believe so many of my colleagues are atheists because they are missing out on how God most frequently communicates. This is because the most prevalent research methods of today are fixated on data sets and often miss out on key information.  Unlike many of my colleagues in this field, I do not rely solely on the scientific method and its quantitative data sets, alone, to teach me about the world and my place in it.

Our “6th Sense of Being Stared At From Behind

On this note, I wish to bring into contrast that we live in a universe which defies, at times, statistical logic. For example, there is a popular social psychology experiment which illustrates why we cannot rely on statistical data alone. Within this concept, someone gets the very strong feeling that someone is staring at you from behind. Unless you have eyes in the back of the head, one should not be able to tell, yet research study after research study shows that people can predict that they are being stared at from behind at far higher percentage, than random chance guessing would suggest. Suddenly, when you believe you are being stared at, you turn your head and discover that you are indeed being stared at. The feeling itself suggests a kind of a 6th sense, but a 6th sense is not very scientific because it is so hard to study. In reality, all we can scientifically state is that some people have the ability to predict when they are being stared at levels that are well above the laws of chance and when they are not utilizing one, or more, of the five senses. However, this 5th dimensional effect, to borrow a term from the quantum physicists has been somewhat validated by studies from the field of cognitive science.

This"staring"  impact what social psychologists called the "gaze detection" effect.  Neurological studies have found that the brain cells that initiate this response are very precise. If someone turns their gaze off of you by turning just a few degrees to their left or right, that eerie feeling quickly fades. Scientists suggest that a complex neural network is behind gaze detection and there is, as of this time, an unseen energy source that is communicating information to us without the traditional use of the 5 senses, but from the future? The answer is yes! Stay tuned because we are approaching some of the Lord’s communication channels with us.

The Princeton (PEAR) Experiments

There have been stellar studies done into people’s predictive abilities under crisis. Princeton Engineers (PEAR [Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research]) conducted three decades of studies on people’s predictive abilities with regard to predicting a disastrous event within four hours prior to the event. For decades, the Princeton researchers demonstrated that there was a huge spike in subjects’ stress reaction indicators (eg blood pressure, respiration rate, heart rate, etc.) just prior to the “dangerous” event. The long-term study actually set up “listening posts” around the world and measured autonomic responses of the research participants on a pre-planned periodic timetable. Interestingly, some of the biggest spikes of subject autonomic responses occurring within a four hour window prior to a disastrous event were 911 and the Malaysia Tsunami event of 2004.   

So how is it that we can even seemingly make these predictions? Quantum physicists have weighed in with their own hypothesis and have stated that say that we have field theories for gravitation and electromagnetism and that we need to incorporate a field theory for information, and that information propagates in the world the same way electromagnetism does or gravity does and we have to come up with an information field to explain and understand this.

Prayer Studies 

Double blind studies done on the possibility of prayer being able to generate remote healing in tightly controlled studies indicate a clear positive directional trend in demonstrating the effects of prayer on a variety of human conditions (eg physical malady and psychological issues). The methodology consists of randomized populations which utilize the common scientific method of dividing the subjects (in this case patients recovering from illness, accident or operations) into two groups, one of which is prayed for and the other isn’t. Results are measured and compared statistically.

To date, there have been approximately 26 competent studies performed on the effect of intercessory prayer related to a variety of conditions. Seventeen studies demonstrated a significant and positive effect of prayer on the condition being prayed for. However, there have been 9 studies that demonstrate no significant effect of prayer and the target behavior/condition. However, the methodology, most frequently employed, is criticized for artificially lowering the efficacy of prayer results because the method that is utlized is easiest to test statistically, but the methodology faces the problem that it doesn’t measure how Christians normally pray (remember what I said about Quantitative data vs descriptive Qualitative data?). Some studies utilize people to pray who aren’t normally involved in prayer for healing. So this approach underestimates the effectiveness of prayer and preditably, qualitative studies would produce more favorable results related to the efficacy of the effectiveness of prayer as an intervention tool. The trend curve of these studies clearly supports the validity of prayer that impacts a measurable variable from afar.


In conclusion, the freaking out of America, as evidenced by such behaviors as excessive toilet paper purchases, are indicative of people who are “sensing” that evil has been loosed upon the planet and the times we are living in are very, very dangerous. I was so moved by this topic that I produced a broadcast in which I advised people to, at this time, not challenge authority. Keep a low profile in the near future. One final note, people are receiving a word of knowledge that the internet and cell phone communications will soon be taken down, at least temporarily. Plan carefully and plan accordingly. 

Below in the Appendix, I provided a summary of a few of the studies which demonstrates that prayer has a demonstrable impact. If you are praying America, keep praying. If you are not praying, I would suggest accepting Jesus and asking God to guide you, because he will warn you. I may be taking some time off in the upcoming days. It just depends on the words of knowledge that I receive.




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