Time to End the Martial Law Tyranny In the United States! Time to Get Back to Work Say Constitutional Sheriffs


Will Law Enforcement Continue Violotating the Constitution During the Present Constitution? That Is the $64 million dollar question!!!

“The instruments by which governments must act are either the authority of the laws or force. If the first be destroyed, the last must be substituted; and where this becomes the ordinary instrument of government there is an end to liberty!”

Alexander Hamilton


In the past week, I have received information all across America regarding the abuse of American citizens at the hands of over zealous law enforcement who are violating the civil liberties of their citizens.

Also in the past week, I have had many abuses pointed out to me by an aware public with regard to the extreme violation of civil liberties of citizens all across America. Most of the abuses are happening in so-called "blue" (ie Democratic) controlled cities and states. Here is a small sample of what has been sent to me:

A Chicago man was shooting baskets, by himself, 200 feet from his Chicago apartment and he was ticketed for violating the quarantine. 

File:A glimmer of hope through the basket 02.png

In "Blue" cities such as Chicago, Denver, LA, New York, you can go to jail for what you see here in the photo!


A man was playing t-ball with his six-year-old daughter and the police showed up and put the man in handcuffs. 

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Two young adults were lifting weights in their front yard when the police showed up. 

Person Standing in Front of Green and Gray Barbell


A man in a paddle boat, on the Pacific Ocean with thousands of yards of space between him and anyone else was chased by two LA County Sheriff's Deputy boats and an army of deputies on the beach, who all violated social distance guidelines, caught the paddleboater and put him in handcuffs. I am certain that the public rested easier that night knowing that they are less at risk for being exposed to COVID-19 by the reckless actions of this paddleboater. 


A man in Dallas' Parkland Hospital was confronted by a nurse and a half a dozen of Dallas' finest as they informed a man that was going to give blood in the name of performing coronavirus testing. The man was refusing. He asked the police if he was under arrest, they said "No". He asked if he could leave, tand the officers said not until he performed the test. However, he asked to have an attorney present. The request was illegally ignored. And then the officers pounced on this man and extracted his blood as he continued to resist. This is called kidnapping and aggravated assault!  


The Disturbing Video Was Removed 3 times by my Count-It was just reposeted for the 4th time- LANGUAGE ALERT

Ordinarily, I would include something so graphic. However, the evidentiary value outweighs the language. If one finds this offensive, then just take our word that you would blatant forced treatment under the conditions specified above. 

Two residents from LA told me that the mayor sponsors a snitch and get paid program. Neighbors are encouraged to become members of the East German Stasi and call the police on their neighbors if they think a person may have COVID-19. Further, the police are called if the reporting party believe that the offending party is somehow violating the quarantine procedures.

Recemtly, I interviewed an attorney, Danel A. Dufresne, Esq.,  on the constitutionality of this soft martial law, along with all of its dranconian enformcements by Democratic Mayors and Governors. Here is that interview:



You may remember Sheriff Richard Mack. In 1997, he stood in opposition to the Clintons and took this rogue administration, lived to tell about it and took them to the Supreme Court and Defeated the Unconstitutional Brady Bill. Now the Sheriff is saying that he's giving the government until April 30th to get their act together... Will this be the beginning of the challenging of these very unreasonable set of soft martial law rules?

Recently, I interviewed Sheriff Mack and in effect, the Sheriff is calling for people to stop complying on April 30th. I heartily endorse this position. In the following interview, you will hear the Sheriff call for an end to these unreasonable practices. 



Shefiff Mack trains LEO's and is in a profound position to influence law enforcement. His organization can be tracked here.  I am in agreement with Sheriff Mack, it is time to end this onerous martial law and do what Sweden and Brazil are doing, get back to work. Brazil and Sweden have the same death curve that we do. I am encourging home worship withi friends this coming Sunday. It is time to end the tyranny.