Time Grows Short for People Living In An Occupied Nation That Is Committed to Depopulation- Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges

anerica distressed


The CSS has been interviewing a number of distinguished colleagues in the media for their reaction to where America is at. To a person, there is a universally held belief that we are a conquered and occupied nation. There is also a strong belief that national preservation is going to be very challenging, however, indiviudal salvation is entirely obtainable. through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. Steve Quayle is among many who holds these beliefs. However, it has been Steve Quayle for over two decades that has been warning about what is coming and of course, Steve says "what is coming is no longer coming, it is already here."

This a very revealing interview with Steve as we explore how we got to where we are at and more importantly, what lies ahead and there are some very daunting obtacles. Some of this discussion will refer to back to Genesis 6 in order to understand the true nature of what mankind is facing and we are facing  nonhuman entities which want all of us dead as they seek to destroy the Lord's prized creation. The topic of alien disclosure must also be part of every discussion given the revelations that are surprisingly coming out of our government with very dramatic revelations. This is a very insightful interview which can be accessed at this link

Please share this interview far and wide as time grows short and most are entirely ignorant and unaware of the times that they live in and we, as Christians, have a duty to warn and educate so that people can make life decisions that will impact them for eternity.