The Unfolding Revolution In Honduras Will Prove to be the Catalyst for 150 Million Migrants Eventually Coming to Our Southern Border


It is not likely that the unfolding circumstances in Honduras that could potentially lead to genocide and a mass exodus from the beleaguered country will ever get much coverage of from the MSM. However, as this contrived and emerging holocaust expands across Latin America, we can expect that the enormous and expanding tragedy will bring, according to one DEA source, a projected 150 million immigrants to our southern border before these events subside.

At the present time, the focal point of the total upheaval of Central and South America is centered in Honduras. Honduras is shaping up to be a combination of 1990’s Rwanda and Kosovo. As volatile as the situation is in Honduras, it is not likely that Honduras will come to dominate the MSM headlines in a manner that is fitting of the threat that it poses to America as well as the unfolding carnage in that country.

Unfortunately, I was unable to sufficiently substantiate the devastating turn of events in Central America to a degree necessary in order to fully substantiate what I was told was coming. Weren’t there documents I could have been shown? I know there were. However, neither of my sources, independent of each other, nor myself, have any desire to spend significant time in a prison. I deal strictly in open source intelligence or confirming evidence based upon the verbalizations of a source. I do not possess classified materials. Only Hillary Clinton can get away with that feat on her private server. And if I am prison, like Assange, who has been forsaken by Trump, I won’t be reporting on anything.

I have spent six months trying to publicly confirm what I was told. I tried shaking the trees by reporting on the unfolding tragedy in Venezuela, hoping the two countries were related in terms of the events. I had previously mentioned that 150 million immigrants could eventually be coming to the southern border. I was laughed at. Confirmation is at hand and it is even, in part, coming from the MSM. So, confirm it I have, as the next installment of the CSS will reference several sources that provide both contextual background material related to the present state of affairs.

Who Is Responsible?

Six months ago, I was warned by a long-term and reliable DEA source to watch Honduras. A State Department source confirmed the warning and told me that the embassy was in a state of heightened security.

Both officials stated that the CIA is behind the destabilization of Honduras, just as they are behind the paramilitary camps in El Salvador which trains a hybrid force of drug cartel members and Middle East terrorist who have been joined together. I often refer to this as a Red Dawn invasion force in training. Yes, the Sinaloa cartel and ISIS are now allies and have since at at least a 2015 Judicial Watch Report confirmed the unholy alliance and the existence of a joint base eight miles from El Paso, Texas.

Both sources expressed nearly an identical belief and subsequent prediction when they said revolution is coming to Honduras, but the revolution will quickly consume the region and continue to spread. One theme in these conflicts that has appeared is that these countries are beset with tragedies that lead to mass immigration to the United States. This time, many of the asylum seekers are legitimate. I was told by the State Department source that the Shining Light (aka the Sanchez-Paredes drug cartel) was emerging key player in the destabilization efforts in Venezuela, Columbia and Ecuador.  

Crisis In Honduras

The highest violent crime rate in the world is centered in Honduras. In recent years, concerns of the Honduran violence have been addressed by the nation’s teachers, doctors and clergy. The government, now under the radical and brutal President Hernandez, a self-avowed Communistm has removed outside agencies from having access to the violent crime data from both the local police reports and military intelligence. Now, only the police have access and they have been accused of massaging the data in order to present a rosier picture of the violence inside of this country.

One constant, in Honduras, in recent years, is entered on the fact that Honduras experiences very high levels of violence and criminality regardless of who is controlling the data. Homicide violence reached a peak in 2012 with an average of 20 homicides a day. Cities such as San Pedro Sula and the Tegucigalpa have registered homicide rates that are still among the highest in the world.

Drivers of Violence In Honduras  

When It comes to the perpetrators of violence in Honduras, it is not a matter of street crime, breaking and entering or drug dealing. It is a matter of a country being forced to choose up sides for the coming revolution for which I will demonstrate that there is also a Russian and Chinese component to these events.

There are social issues that are driving part, but only part of the conflict to some extent as there has been been ongoing protests against the Government's planned health and education reforms since April, that workers say amount to privatization and will result in mass layoffs. Also, the teachers and doctors are largely on strike.

As Kathy Rubio, who used to live in Honduras, told me in a recent radio interview, “the CIA is involved in every aspect of this conflict”. She said there is great awareness of this and as a result no American, tourist of missionary, is safe. the entirety of my interview will Kathy will be played in Part Two of this series.  The goal of the CIA is to exacerbate a bad situation and turn it into a conflict that will result in a mass exodus of immigrants headed toward the United States. Along these same lines, my DEA source has said the same thing about the CIA and says that similar efforts are appearing in Guatemala, Panama and El Salvador. Nicaragua is being used as an exporter of the conditions related to violence we find in Honduras.  

As a teaser for what lies ahead I can say that Fast and Furious is still alive Central American style. The Eric Holder model of shipping guns to terrorists is alive and well. And since he is the spokesperson for CALEXIT, could we expect anything less than what we are seeing in Honduras eventually play out in California?