The Virus Is Only the Beginning

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I estimate that about 67%, or two-thirds of the United States largely fits the stereotype of a beer-drinking, overweight, sedentary and ignorant person who sits on the couch drinking Bud Light, watching CNN and when he votes, which is rare, he does so based on name recognition. This kind of an American is a testament to the failed policies of No Child Left Behind and Common Core. Most of these people can’t find London on a map and 55% cannot name the Vice-President as the people are not only totally ignorant about their world, when the new reality finally takes hold, this group will change America forever. as they will be acting out of sheer panic. Just look at the toilet paper issue. Imagine what will happen when their kids cannot get food to eat. Mark my words, when this collective becomes aware that everything they own has been stolen over a virus, they are going to go from 0-60 in under 4 seconds. When the food shortages begin to appear next month, the gangsters will not be the only dangerous group in the streets. America, right now, has the potential to turn into Bosnia during their 1992-1993 Civil Warm and you can thank a Democrat for this situation.  

On Monday, March 30, 2020, I am interviewing a Central American expert on geopolitics. He is an expert, not because the information highly technical, it is because he’s going to tell my audience things that is filtered out of our mainstream media. I am not going to identify him until after the interview airs and that is for his protection. I do not know all of the events that he is going to describe, but generally, he is going to talk about El Salvador and the fact that their President, an ally of President Trump, has declared that World War III has begun and he did so on Twitter. This President has closed all borders to his country and sent the military to reinforce the closures. It appears that he expects to get invaded, presumably because he is an ally of the United States and the Red Dawn invasion is coming.

Some people who are aware of these events state that the President of El Salvador is only closing the borders to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. That assertion is laughable because it does not take advance military weapons to close a border and these weapons will do nothing against the virus. As the President of El Salvador has said, there is war coming as tje Red Dawn invasion is coming right through El Salvador.

Below. I have listed the steps being implemented to take America down.

The Virus Is Only the Opening Salvo of the Planned Destruction of America

There is a four-pronged effort to strip away the Constitution and install a totalitarian government, Soviet-style under the leadership of the Democratic Party. The four prongs consist of the following parts:

  1. One of the main goals of the Coronavirus, is devastating economic and social destabilizing due to restrictions imposed because of the virus with possible riots (eg food). This may be enough to facilitate a regime change through the electoral process due to the failed economy. If this is allowed to go on long enough, the UN will assert itself on American soil through medical martial law camps. These actions do not preclude the following steps from occurring. As an aside, I was warned a week ago by a senior level federal official that broke and hungry people are waiting outside of grocery stores and are robbing the weak as they put groceries into their car. Paul Martin just told be the same story via Larimer County Sheriff’s department and a member of the Greeley Fire Department that the same thing is going on in Colorado. Beware when you shop.
  2. Massive TET offensive perpetrated by embedded terrorists, 5th column CHICOMS, cartels and MS-13. Assassinations and massive terrorism is the order of the day. A civil war will break out in California and that day is not away. 
  3.  A Red Dawn invasion will be launched and American will be attacked through both its southern and northern borders. This is very dangerous because the CHICOMS and the UN already have a foothold in this country.
  4. World War III will commence.

America has been totally destabilized by the Coronavirus. The economy is in free-fall, and unless there is a change of direction by President Trump, unemployment will be over 50% and the supply chain chaos will produce economic and social conditions in the country that will make the early days of the Great Depression look like a vacation. Make no mistake about it, the Democratic Party leadership form the basis of this willful destruction of the United States. They are primarily led by most of the Democratic Party California Congressional delegation (eg Pelosi, Harris, Feinstein, Schiff) and people like Bloomberg and Schumer. Their minions, the Democratic mayors and County Commissioners have fallen into line. This group has made a mockery of the Constitution as they are systematically stripping away nearly all civil liberties as they use the virus as the pretext to engineer and launch this Bolshevik Revolution. Anyone with any common sense could see that gun stores and the sale of liquor has nothing to do with the virus. This is all about control, communist control of all people and the elimination of private  property.

In the next part of this series, I will further explore the four step takedown of the United States.