Welcome to witch hunt 2.0


by Roger Stone



Read the print stories and watch the ABC videos yourself. They are all hit piece with much-coded language.

This is almost as stupid as CNN saying my belief in God and my apocalyptical view of what America faces are somehow a call to violence. Truly idiotic.

Yet ABC has stooped even lower.

I had no advance knowledge of any plan to storm and breach the Capitol. While the attack on the Capitol was illegal and politically stupid, ABC is using my name as clickbait.

The smear starts earlier…



Here is the most outrageous of all. Watch the video. It proves nothing.


All ABC has done is keep my name in the headlines and fuel the real nut job, left-wing conspiracy theorists.

Like this guy at Salon who thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes. He too is in the “guilt by association” school of journalism practised by CNN and ABC. He talks sh*t.

Then there’s this guy who is certifiably insane…

Total bullshit.
This kind of hate and disinformation leads to events like the recent attack on my wife outside our home.


Now Democrats seek to smear me AGAIN without any facts or evidence whatsoever.

All ABC has done is keep my name in the headlines for the RELEASE of my tell-all book.

I will not only lay out the gross misconduct of the Soviet-style show trial I was subjected to last year but I will also expose the current smear attempts on me and others.

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