What You Cannot Hide Is Global Genocide and the Proof Is Everywhere and Every Continent!


What the ti itlntimates is that we, as a humanity are facing ultimate destruction through a planned and cleverly executed plan against America and the rest of the world. It will soon be clear to the world, that a major depopulation event is underway. But what you cannot hide is genocide. This article and its compannion, the next article, will serve as a wakeup call to humanity that world's largest genocide is underway. 

This article, without me realizing it, began when Pastor Abri Bracken sent me a voice file, via skype which informed that New Zealand was going into a stage 4 lockdown. In New Zealand, there are only 4 stages. The audio file is somewhat corrupted or I would play it here. Abri is an interesting person. He has served as a source for many of my articles on Africa by pointing me to local media. From these tips, I have learned of the massive military presence that the CHICOMS are engaged in on the continent of Africa including South Africa. In South Africa, the CHICOMS are partnering with the rogue ruling authority to strip white farmers of their lands and frequently murder them in the process. The CHICOMS are allowed to keep the food and ship it back to China and they split the seized land’s resources. Abri is a refugee from this South African holocaust.

As a follow up to Abri’s warning, I should mention that the CSS has a solid following in New Zealand. I receive intel from frontline witnesses all the time. As the readers may recall , that after the tragic Mosque massacre, the New Zealand government outlawed guns and demanded that citizens turned them in. The citizens have defied the order with only about a 5% compliance rate. The government responded with multiple warnings of very long prison sentences. The COVID-19 virus has provided the New Zealand Government with the pre-emptive excuse to enact martial law procedures to enforce their increasing heinous violations of their citizens rights. I have received around a dozen communications from New Zealand in the past 4 days. Here is a typical email.

Dear Dave,

Thanks so much for being a truth teller. My country went from being a government that we barely noticed to authoritarian monster. They want our guns and now they are preparing to pray on us. I am an American ex-pat living in country. America had better wake up because this is what is coming to you very soon. I was surveying land, and I cannot say anymore about that. As I made my way off the main road, I noticed row after row of what I think were body bags. What I am certain of is that there were nearly miles of coffins like what I have seen you publish. I did not take my phone to work, or you would have photos. Do you think this is because of the coronavirus? I will tell you another thing, we are being overrun by Chinese in our country in various locations. We are moving into the highest stage of alert in what is called Stage Four. This is nothing but martial law. Do  you know if they are preparing for genocide in New Zealand? Are the Chinese behind it? My wife and me are thinking about quitting our jobs and taking our small RV to the most isolated place we can find.



I do not know the answer to the question that I was asked in the email. However, I have other emails from New Zealanders who are in a near state of panic about what lies next. One person stated that checkpoints are being set up and the allowed movement of the citizens is non-existent and that the economy would soon hit bottom. If this were just New Zealand, I would not be as nearly concerned as I am.

What Is Happening In New Zealand Is Happening In America 

Body bags and FEMA mobile mortuaries are showing up in America. Welcome to Wuhan, Illinois!

FEMA Caught Hiding Mobile Mortuaries South of Chicago On Fams

Compliance Checks Begin In Nevada! Police Visit 113 Businesses, Suspend Violator's Licenses

Daboo 77 is reporting that ?Las Vegas authorities are out around Clark County to enforce Gov. Steve's Sisolak's order for nonessential businesses to close their doors. Las Vegas police have visited 113 businesses with their compliance team, and 7 business licenses were suspended for stores or businesses that did not voluntarily close".


The President of El Salvador Has Declared World III Has Begun

A contact of mine, living in Mexico, has sent me tweets from the President of El Salvador, a newly converted ardent ally of the United States.  Here is the communication followed by my comment. 

Sam Honnold

Mar 23, 2020, 2:47 PM (2 days ago)


to thecommonsenseshow@yahoo.comdavehodges@thecommonsenseshow.com, me

Last night conservative President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador (an important security partner, who stated from the Oval Office that "President Trump is nice and cool") tweeted this ominous warning in English and Spanish.  Today he tweeted video of a train load of military hardware (m109 self-propelled 155mm howitzers and m992 armored artillery replenishment tenders up front) with this caption "The US army is sending  the resources to complete their quarantines..." He wants his congress to approve further security funding, and his military has already completely closed all borders.  They are patrolling border areas and arresting quarantine violators. 



This is a very interesting communication from President Bukele. First, he declares he's closing the border. Second, he declares that World War III has begun and that seems to provide the motivation for closing the border. Third, the President announces he is arresting quarantine violators. What do tanks and artillery have to with fighting the Coronavirus(es)? The answer is, absolutely nothing. There are two agenda t work in El Salvador that relate to the United States.  First, the President of El Salvador knows that a Red Dawn invasion is coming which is why is protecting his borders. He knows that he will be attacked because he has aligned his country with the United States. Please note that in his tweet he notes that he is using US military equipment. In other words, the American military is helping to prepare for this Red Dawn invasion. In other words, the military knows that it is coming. 

Along these same lines, the COVID-19 virus continues to morph into different and more deadly strains. 

This article is work in progress as it is accumulating first-hand accounts from around the world which shows that most of the entire planet is under assault from bioweapons. Please note that I did not say, COVID-19!  COVID-19 is not the kill shot and we are seeing the morphing of the original Coronavirus into more deadly pathogens. We are also witnessing the introduction of what seem to think is a new and more deadly pathogen. From the reports I am getting from around the world, it seems likely that there are several different bioweapons at work. Along these lines, it is noteworthy to repeat a series of statements made to me on several occasions that multiple Chinese nationals have been apprehended on California’s southern border with Mexico. What the heck? Did these Chinese nations swim from China, or where they deposited in this Chinese puppet state of Mexico, so they could cross the border with bioweapons, perhaps the people themselves, with the intention of infecting America and spreading chaos across the nation? The number of apprehended CHICOMS has grown to over a 1,000. This is what American authorities have caught. One can only guess as to how many CHICOMS are now running free in California spreading mayhem from the bioweapon they carry or possess within their own bodies?


I am getting these kinds of reports from almost every continent. I am getting these reports from around the world. In a recent conversation I just had with Steve Quayle, It is clear that there is large military activity in the Baja of California as the CHICOM military is everywhere as Steve and myself have warned about for years, but the United States is not the only nation under attack, it is becoming obvious that the Globalists are making their final move. Biochemical genocide is coming as is a Red Dawn invasion

There are presently over 1.5 billion on lockdown across the planet and we are just getting started. Humanity does not realize it yet, but every living human being is under attack. Depopulation is the goal and the planet is just sleeping through the crisis. I have been quite clear about my personal observations regarding Trump and Pence. I said their body language was not congruent to the situation. First, they appeared tired. Then I began to relaize it was more than fatigue that I was seeing. These two men are defeated and I no longer believe they are in control of what is going on. It is looking like, more and more, that a successful coup has been executed against the White House. 

This article was merely a broad brush describing a mythical modern-day Paul Revere riding through every town, city and village and he is yelling at the top of his lungs "the globalists are coming, the globalists are coming!" The globalists in part, are the CHICOMS and they are already here. 

In the next part of this series, we will take a tour of the world and demonstrate how complete this plot is to depopulate the world and militarily invade the United States. The next part will also describe why the leadership of the Democratic Party is so firmly behind this plot and what they have to gain from their treason.