When There's a Riot and the Media Forgets to Show Up

sacramento protest

A riot has broken out in Sacramento, CA. over the lockdown. 

Early reports indicate that 13 citizens, including children have been arrested by local police dressed in swat gear. Snipers are present on the roof of the capital building. Reported, people are being attacked by police with billie-clubs. 

The number of arrested has grown to 32. 

When do you think this video was made? It was made 11 days ago. Where was the mainstream media coverage?

The person appearing in the following video is describing the action that has taken place.

Click this link to see the May 1, 2020 event. 

The most coverage given to this event by the MSM was on Fox News and they BARELY Gave tt any attention!!!  No coverage on CNN, CBS, MSNBC as the coverage was primarily limited to local news. 

Why Is anyone watching the MSM, ever, yet, this is supposed to be authoritative news!!