Will a Civil War or WW III Happen First? The Doug and Dave Intel Report

civil war 2

I recently interviewed Doug Thornton (AKA Wrecker) a former Marine and DHS Officer as part of our weekly Doug and Dave Intel Report. In the interview we discussed which event is likely to come first, World War or a Civil War. We both feel that both events will be in close proximity. However, a Civil War will happen first as any advesary would hope that America would be weakened by such a Civil War before attacking. Doug feels strongly that the grid will be attacked by our enemies, possibly as soon as the commencement of the Civil War.

In the interview we review the events leading up to a Civil War. We also took a long look at Russia and how Putin is attempting to reconstitute the former Soviet Union under the umbrella of Regional Policeman. Russia is slowly isolating themselves from the rest of the world, namely the New World Order crowd.

Can America defeat Russia? The answer to that question is no, that is if you believe the Bible in that Russia AND China will nuke America. 

There is a lot of meat to this interview and it is not for the faint of heart.


You can listen to the interview here by clicking this link


Doug is the host of the popular show, American Vindicta, which airs on Global Star Radio Network. Doug's show archives can be accessed here. Watch for his new website which will be appearing soon.