Will You Let God Help You to Help Others?


Over a month ago, I produced a Youtube video entitled "Sleeping in the Backseat Is a New Middle Class Norm". Youtube instantly demonitized this video as it was downloading. Youtube certainly cannot have real live examples presented to the public as to how the socialist welfare state, that caters to illegal aliens and ignores its own citizen's welfare, can be so inhumane. Remember, socialism is good and personal achievement is bad according to the radical liberals.  

As I do with all my demonitized videos I filed an instant appeal for review. Normally, it takes 3-4 days to have something reviewed by the 20 year old liberals that YT hires to do this work. Just this morning, I received the following in my email from Youtube:

Your video is suitable for all advertisers: Sleeping In Backseat Is New Middle Class Norm




12:11 AM (6 hours ago)


to The


Hi The Common Sense Show,

Great news! After manually reviewing your video, we’ve determined that it is suitable for all advertisers:




The YouTube team

This notification came well after 6 weeks following publication and the appeal to monitize the video as I published this video on June 15, 2019 at 7pm. Six weeks later, my appeal was answered and granted. Usually, these appeals take 3 days. A lot has happened in these six weeks. There have been moving and significant events that took place surrounding this video that have had a profound effect on me. I feel that the Lord has moved me to perform my work, at least some of my work, at a higher spiritual level. I will explain later in this article. 

I want to share this story because I am hopeful it will cause some to reflect on the skills they possess and how they can be of better service to others. In reality, you don't need any special skills, you only have to care about people in order to be of service. 

After the video came out, I received comments to the message board. Here are a few examples:

I sleep in the back of my truck with a topper in my work parking lot..and i know of 3 other coworkers doing the same..some do it so they can pick up the 3rd shift..i do it to pay off debt so i can move out of california with just my truck payment and cell phone bill and car insurance...the rest im sure will work out..btw i still owe 300.00 to the irs for obama care taxes in 2017...i would sleep at the rest stop but its FULL   .im seriously considering vanlife...

I am 57 working for state of CA  20 yrs im living travel trailer its new but small left that bad evil democratic state gavin will destroy!!

If your homeless a vehicle can be a problem, here in riverside ca there is no legal place to spend the night. Gas is expensive also.

These accounts are tragic and are a clear reflection about what the Democratic Party and what their radical policies are doing to the people in our country. Then I received an emotional bombshell. It came in the form of an email which came to me on June 17th. 

Dear Dave,

I read your articles and watch your videos on my phone every morning.I know you are a good man and will care about what I have to say about the living conditions for myself and my children. I don't know what you could ever do for me, but I feel compelled to share my story with you. Please, please do not publish any reference to our identities as I live in fear of being discovered for being the bad mother that I have become.  

I have read your articles about homelessness in California. However, I think you should be made aware of the extreme personal cost of living under these Democratic monsters and what it has done to so many in CA., particularly in places like LA and San Francisco. 

I live in San Francisco. I have a masters degree. I work hard and am fully employed.  I even have health insurance. I have to use a fake address of a friend who lives in a one bedroom apartment so my children can attend school and we can get medical and dental treatment. The kids must have a street address or it will be discovered that they are homeless.  Yes, Dave, I live in my van with my 3 kids ages 7, 10, and 12. i suck as a mother and I feel like I am ruining their lives. My childhood was not like the hell we are living in and they should not have to live this way. We have been living in our van for 8 months.  My ex does not pay child support and I don't even know where he is at. I lost the house. I currently make $65,000 per year .I do not qualify for welfare and am on waiting lists for various assistance programs. We cannot afford any apartments within driving distance to my area and even if I could afford an apartment, my credit sucks so bad because of my ex, most will not rent to me and the ones that might are in neighborhoods so bad that I would be afraid to live there.  I am looking for a place with roommates, but it is hard with 3 children and there are so many perverts I have to be careful when it comes to protecting my kids. My kids are really suffering. They cannot have friends over. I told the kids that they had to hide the fact that they live in van or very bad people would come and take them away to live with strangers. Dave, I know about how kids are trafficked by the corrupt CPS system and I witnessed this when I worked in social services (my masters is in social work). I was an only child. My dad is gone and my mom has dementia and my mom had to sign over her assets in order to afford a care facility. I have nowhere to turn and I am someone that knows how the system works and I cannot make it work for us. 

 I have illegally obtained a gun because we do not feel safe at night. If I am pulled over I know I will go to jail and I will probably lose my kids forever. The streets of San Francisco are very dangerous. There are drug addicts everywhere. My children and I are forced to clean up every morning at a rest stop where we spend many nights. I used to do social work and I know that my kids are at risk for being taken by CPS if it is ever discovered how we are living. My fear is that one day CPS will show up at either or both of the schools they attend and take them from me. My 12 year old is showing signs of being clinically depressed. Our diet sucks, Pizza is a luxury item. We watch Netflix on my laptop or phone inside of the van. I feel so vulnerable at night. There are the criminals who will kill anyone for a nickel and that makes going to the bathroom an adventure There are also the cops that could stumble upon us and take my kids to CPS. I am trying to get out of the Bay Area. I would apply for jobs in places like Nevada or Montana, but how do I get there for an interview and what would I do with my children? After the divorce, or should I say when my ex-husband took our life savings and ran, we were left with nothing. If I was an illegal alien I could get help with housing immediately, but unfortunately, I am white and am employed.  We had to leave behind our furniture and many other personal possessions. 

Please pray for us. We do have a local pastor that is trying to help, but so far, not much....Again Dave please do not divulge any personal information that could lead to us being identified. 

With respect, 

Name withheld by request

How is your day going? Does this story rip your guts out. Is anyone else thinking what I am .... but for the grace God....

I wrote back to this person. However, I had no illusions about being able to help because she would know the system better than I would because she had been a social worker. We exchanged phone numbers. When we first talked, and after my dumb ass  5 minutes of questioning her about her options, we got down to what really mattered. I was brutally honest with her and told her I probably wasn't going to be able to provide assistance to the level she needed to change her life circumstances. That was my first mistake, I underestimated the power of the Lord. 

I asked her to email me a resume which she did. This woman graduated on the Dean's List of her university. She is articulate, highly intelligent and was also riddled with guilt for what she felt she was putting her children through. Most of our communication was by email. She did not want her children hearing her describe their lives and she was understandably paranoid and she feared being overheard at work or even on the street. 

When I received this email from Youtube in the early morning hours of August 1st, I took this as a message from the Lord that this story needed to be told because others may benefit from it.

What happened next, after talking with my friend from college, was totally the work of the Lord. On June 20th, and totally out of the blue I got a call from an old college friend that I had not spoken to for 3 years. My friend was trying to pitch me on an investment and we also planned a weekend together this fall. As an afterthought and just as I was hanging up, I thought to tell him about this woman and her dilemma. He asked me what she did and when I told him, he said his sister, who was in the same field, might be able to help (the woman was no longer in social work). The sister lived in California, but in a much more affordable area. Today, this mother of three has a new job and is renting a two bedroom apartment. I still hear from her and get reports on how her children are doing.

There are some other circumstances that were so coincidental in this process, it could only have happened with divine intervention. However, to reveal more would reveal identities. I  want to make this very clear, the only credit that should be offered here is twofold:

  1. The mother for never giving up and displaying a remarkable sense of resilience. 
  2. The Lord for piecing together the circumstances surrounding all the variables and making them work for good. 

Sometimes the people we try to help actually end up helping us more than we help them. This was certainly the case here. This event led me to start a new YT channel dedicated to telling the story of our national challenges on a more personal level. 

I will continue to do this work of fighting against the abject evil that is consuming our country and its people. However, my soul is need of replenishment. I have long been advised that I had a need for a backup YT channel in case I become their next victim of absolute censorship. This woman and her circumstances made me realize that the problems that we discuss and expose impact real people and on a personal level and on a much deeper level that we can express in a news story. Therefore, I decided that I would begin that new channel that was dedicated to a more personal approach to the people than what I cover here. Yes, I will still do this work, but my soul needs an occasional break. Therefore, I need to engage in things that can make a difference on a personal level. 

If I could share a bit of advice to those that could possibly be moved to reach out and help another person, there are pitfalls. Like this mother, I, too, have guilt. There are so many people that write to me that I have not been able to help. For example, I  have corresponded with a man, living in the US, but whose sister was abducted in Asia. There is no way that I can assist except to pray.

When I was a mental health therapist, and I worked for a while with addicts, I realized very quickly that your failures will far outnumber your successes. I experience guilt when I cannot help someone. Back in 2012, Stacy Lynne reached out to me, from Fort Collins, Colorado. She had been an advocate for blocking Agenda 21 policies from being implemented in her city. And what did she get for her trouble? Despite be never being accused of wrongdoing she lost her child to her estranged ex-boyfriend, who for 8 years had nothing to with his son. The judge, Julie Fields, was a former attorney who represented the IMF and the World Bank. She was a real globalist and she was brought in to deal with Stacy, who has not seen her son in years. I worked on this case for years. I was so vocal that I was even a topic of discussion in the local court system. But at the end of the day, I did nothing for this mom and her son. My message here is that you will fail much than you succeed. We all have limits. However, if we are open to the power of Jesus, miracles can and do happen. 

The name of my new channel is Dave Hodges2

Here is the video that set off this adventure.