I have spent much of my life in basketball. I have had the pleasure of playing with and knowing many great people from all backgrounds. I have personal boundaries and am comfortable with who and what I am. However, I have never persecuted/criticized people for their demographics and life-style choices, EVER, and I never will. However, the behaviors coming out of ESPN, the WNBA management, some of the WNBA players is a sight to behold in terms of its extreme biases that are on full display and are being directed at Caitlin Clark. Conversely, in my dealings with basketball people, in my era, the incidences of prejudice, in favor of wokeism, were few and far between. Yet, I was in a different age than Clark and acceptable prejudice against whites, straight people and Christians was not in evidence. Today, our universities and ESG-laden corporations (eg ESPN) teach these subhuman behaviors and attitudes on many of their campuses as well as carry out woke edicts in corporate boardrooms. Organizations like ESPN and most of the MSM embrace these woke prejudices. Caitlin Clark is the poster child for what is happening across America. It is open season on Whites, Straights and Christians. This is true in the Biden administration, most Fortune 500 Corporations and most public colleges. Will America ever come to realize that prejudice is prejudice regardless of the direction of the bias?

As prime evidence for the built in bias against Clark, the flagrant and very violent foul by Chemedy Kennedy against Clark, with no ejection by the refs, and no suspension from the league, speaks to the inherent woke bias against Clark. The WNBA refs have demonstrated a clear pattern of allowing physical abuse towards Clark and the league sanctions it with their silence. Even Clark's coach, Christy Sides, knows which side to be on as she is silent on the abuse of her star player. In fact, the coach has misused the talents of Clark to the detriment of her team and anyone who has saw Clark play in college and has watched Clark's team play, have drawn the same conclusion. The coach clearly knows what side of the woke toast to butter. 

Woke is broke and is incredibly stupid. The league is killing the money and attention that Clark has brought to the league by alienating the fan base with these biases so obvious that Ray Charles could clearly see them.  In the games where Clark has played in the WNBA, the games average around 17,000 fans. All other WNBA games average 7,000 fans. The woke prejudices being carried out by the WNBA and identified participants (eg the Women's basketball Olympic Committee) is killing the goose that has laid the golden egg. TV revenue for the league is at an all time high. The teams now travel by charter, not by coach. And they are trying to destroy the one person most responsible for the surge in popularity! As irate fans speak out, the new found popularity of the league is going to plummet!

AT the top of the list is Clark's woke victimization, was committed by the Olympic selection team.  

Caitlin Clark was left off the Olympic team by 5 females and there can only be 3 reasons why this happened. 

  1. Maybe the Selectors are all gay. Clark is straight.
  2. Maybe the Selectors are all athiests/Satanists. Clark is Christian
  3. The Selectors are possibly covertly racist who came out of the closet with their ruling to leave Clark off of the Olympic team. All 5 Selectors are Black and Clark is White. 

As someone who coached high school basketball, college basketball and worked in NBA scouting, I am qualified to evaluate talent and there is not one BASKETBALL reason why Clark is not on the Olympic team. I do not feel the need to explain why Clark should be on the team, not as just a member, but as a starter. The evidence for that fact is omnipresent. 

Just like the Women's Olympic soccer teams, of recent years, they made woke and unreasonable demands and they find their ratings are in the toilet, The WNBA and those that cover the league are going to soon discover, that they have met their enemy and it is themselves. 

I was looking forward to my new interest in women's basketball, sparked by Clark's entry into the WNBA, and I looked forward to USA Women's 2024 Olympic Basketball team as well. However, I will not watch, nor support either entity. I feel sympathy for the white, straight, Christian women trapped in purgatory hell. 

I know that some wokesters will say there is no abuse and will point to average and below average players, with same demographics as Clark, to hide their thinly veiled bias. However, the exceptions to this abuse don't threaten the status quo of having a star that is not from the woke persuasion. Clark threatens to reign supreme as a generational player and her demographics don't match the woke politics. I have held off on making this statement earlier because I was not sure that these prejudices were not isolated events. Unfortunately, the pattern of bias towards Clark is on full display. In fact, the prejudices even extend to the NBA where Woke Commissioner Adam Silver defended the woke line, against Clark, by saying this is how rookies are treated. The abuse of Clark extends far beyond the normal hazing of rookies, in any league or sport.

Slavery, Jim Crow and subtle prejudices that haunted America for centuries were an egregious sin and a terrible human rights violation. However, two wrongs don't make a right. And, in the modern era,  we have on full display the wokesters biases that can acurately be labeled as JIM CROW 2.0! 

Perhaps things would change if a 7'1-350 lb transgender behemoth entered the WNBA and started ending playing careers of the ladies in the league with ultra physical play. There would be a player uprising! On second thought, the woke WNBA would silence the players and Attorney General Merrick Garland would have the FBI swat team the homes of players speaking against the wokester practice of allowing transgenders in the league, just like Garland did with CRT and school board protestations. We truly live in a sick society (ie New Babylon).

Enjoy your league ladies as you will soon fade into the dust of oblivion as you will soon forfeit your charter flights, brought to you by Clark's popularity as you will soon be riding on Greyhound buses to your road games as you are forced to chip in for gas and be forced to pack a sack lunch. Bias has Karmic consequences. Slavery resulted in civil war, and the bias on display here will end with the WNBA being an obscure after thought. 

The greatest disservice to these WNBA-ESPN woke prejudices are the young female athletes in America, who will be forced to enter into such a dysfunctional environment with the same handicaps as Caitlin Clark. 

Final thought: Brittney Griner kneels during the pregame playing the National Anthem, at a Phoenix Mercury game, and is STILL selected for the USA Olympic basketball team and Caitlin Clark is not!

Harkening back to my young adult days, a saying comes to mind from Saturday Night Live about the WNBA: 

                                                                 NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME!