"America Is Undeniably Under Martial Law" Says Famed Constitutional Attorney John Whitehead -CSS

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This interview a ground-breaking interview! Please keep in mind that this interview took place on a terrestial radio station. It is guaranteed that this type of interview, with this quality of guest, did not take place in America on a terrestial radio station anywhere in America.  

They may not call it martial law, but it is, nonetheless, martial law. America is now under martial law so says a famed Constitutional attorney. Everything that is part of martial law is in play except the dusk to dawn curfews. One cannot travel without their "papers please". The feared and vaunted social credit system is coming into play in America, just like in China. We are spied upon on a 24/7/365 basis without exception. There is not privacy left in America. You are being probed and catalogued for future disposition.  

From a radio program that has brought you critical information from people like Steve Quayle and Bob Griswold, this show will provide the listener with a view of America's legal and law enforcement system unlike any interview that we have ever been a part of. 

In the first hour, Dave Hodges and Paul Martin were joined by famed Constitutional Attorney, John Whitehead, the founder of the Rutherford Institute. Whitehead details the establishment of martial law in America, and its occurring TODAY as your read these words!  Before you raise your eyebrows at this latest statement, please realize that this is an attorney who has argued and won cases before the Supreme Court and he is sounding the alarm as to the dictatorial oligarchy we Americans are finding ourselves living under. If one wonders why Hillary and Comey are still walking free, this interview will open your eyes as to why this is true. The rule of law is virtually dead in America.    

In the interview, Whitehead discussed how both Federal and State law enforcement agencies are arming up with billions of hollow point bullet rounds while systematically trying to disarm the Americans that they are charged with trying to protect. Further, John Whitehead actually used the term "red list" when asked why we are living in a police state surveillance grid. Decades ago, Steve Quayle introduced the term "red list" in the American lexicon to describe the naughty and nice list the government is compiling for future action against "uncooperative" Americans. 

Whitehead also discusses the establishment of a police state that condemns 1.5 milion Americans, annually, to mental institutions for their political beliefs, not for actual mental illness. Many of these Americans are forcibly medicated against their will WITHOUT the required court order. America is in the early stages of what could accurately be referred to as FEMA camp incarcerations. 

In the 1970's the world chastized the former Soviet Union for practicing "political schizophrenia", which was the incarceration of political activists solely based on their beliefs under the guise of a mental illness diagnosis. Did you know that there were 80,000 swat team raids in America last year? Citizens are being "executed" as unconstitutional red flag laws are illegally enforced.

In the following interview, Whitehead details case after case of Americans who are illegally abused by their government for having the "wrong" political beliefs. 

Whitehead also discussed the perversion of education today in America. He stated that the education system is teaching students to bow down to the governing authority without question. 


In the second hour, Dave Hodges lays out the UN plot to break up the United States into defined geographic ares controlled by foreign countries. 

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